Three Cookies

We currently have three “children” or joys in our life.  Last June after my beloved cat, Smores died of cancer, we decided to adopt a few little bunches of fur and cuddles.  We weren’t planning on adopting for a few weeks, but I kept on going on just to look.  We had our time to grieve. However, the house was just so lonely without Miss Smores around!  So I ended up falling in love with a very cute little face.

Meet Snickerdoodle aka Snickers

Miss Personality

Her little face is what got them home.  I loved the line right down her face.  When we went to visit them, I learned that the line goes all the way down her back.  She is half and half… half calico and half black cat, but a true calico at heart.  She has huge personality and she is always watching us learning how to be a human.  She tries to put on make-up, knows how to turn on the faucet to get water, and tries to open things.  She will never take no for an answer when she wants to cuddle.  She has the most personality and is also the ambassador.  Anyone new in the house? She goes to meet them first.   She started out being the smallest, but she’s also a human garbage disposal and all she does is eat and eat and eat!

As far as we knew, she had a brother…

Mr. Man

Oh Mr. Butterscotch or Sir Butterscotch.  No matter what you call him, little Man, Big Boy, he’s a mellow loving large kitty! He’s not fat, just big boned. He started out at 2lbs just like the others when we brought him home. Now he is about 15lbs! Not big just has a long body. He loves hanging out with his Daddy especially when there are tools involved. He also loves wrestling and chasing his crazy sisters.  However, he gets embarrassed easily and when he makes a mistake put his paws over his head and hides!  Poor guy! However, his Mama can always make it better, but don’t tell anyone, because girls have cooties!

Well, the title of the page is three cookies… you see when we got to the Polk County Humane Society, there was a sibling in their cage! I knew that they had been abandon by their mom and bottle fed, but I could only find two on the website! Well, surprise when we got there, they had a sister!

Ninja Kitten

And that’s how Miss Oreo came into our life!!  She is our emo kitty who is always moody and if she doesn’t get her way, pouts.  However, she is just as cuddly and loveable as her sisters! We think she’s a ninja as she always just appears in your lap without you knowing that she’s there! She loves playing fetch with toys and is our biscuit queen.  She also is her mama’s girl and she perfers her over Daddy most of the time, but don’t tell Daddy because he’s good for cuddles too! She just has to be in the mood.

We are glad we got to go home together!

So those are our three cookies. Every bit of love and cuddles and sweetness.  They are the apple of our eye and they bring joy to our life.  They think their are dogs.  They love playing with Tennis balls and toys that are way to big for them.  However, that just makes them unique!!!  Even though they are bigger now, they are every bit adorable as they were when we got them!  Even if they like to chew things and are crazy!  Sometimes we think we have a horse stampede going on in the house!

Butterscotch at 9 months old

Here they are today.  Why are they our cookies? Well, Smores was my old cat, and we thought this would be a nice tribute to her.  So we continued with the sweet-type names.  After all, our three are absolutely adorable!

Oreo hiding at 9 months

Our house is a bit of a cat house. When you come visit, there are toys everywhere. Their Dad even built them a cat tower that is about six and a half feet tall! They love to climb on it and run through the tunnels or sleep wherever they choose!

Snickerdoodle at 9 months

As you can see, they think they own us, as they go wherever they please.  However, that’s okay.  We will let them keep on believing that they are the ones that adopted us, not the other way around.

We still love each other!

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  1. set2music January 18, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    I love this cat feature! =)


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