3 cookies update…

16 Mar

Meow! This post has gone to the cats!

Butterscotch, Oreo, & Snickerdoodle

These three cats to  be exact!  They are currently stampeding around the house as I type this for them.  I heard occasional meows during the last blog and we played for awhile, but my mind was on them and blogging, so I figured I’d do a blog for them!

Lately, in cat world, there has been some animosity between Mr. Butters & Miss Oreo.

Miss Oreo... Cute & Innocent!

This little one probably cuddles the most.  She is always looking for a lap or some love.  Although she also often chases her brother and sister away from us if they want to cuddle.

Mr. Butterscotch... manly & fluffy!

A few weeks ago, this guy had, had enough of her blocking his way to get to me, and he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled a huge chunk of fur out.  It was hard to yell at either of them, as the meow from her due to the pain, and then me starring in disbelief as he quickly eats the huge chunk of hair he pulled out! I ran to get some hairball treats and of course he would not eat them.

Being the crazy cat people we are, we tend to break up fights just like we would with normal children.  I almost feel its harder to figure out who is in trouble for doing what sometimes though because they don’t speak English!

However, the one who has recently discovered new exploratory grounds is their sister…

Miss Snickerdoodle... the fearless leader!

She has always been the one that explores.  She seems to have no fear (except riding to the vet, and not every time, just sometimes!)  Recently, she discovered that she can jump from the kitchen counter up to the monorail we have set up on the top of the cabinets.  Of course, she’s started exploring…

I do love she visited the Polynesian!

However, much to her dismay, her first time up there, I refused to get her down.  Since I saw the path she took, I just continued to pat the different steps she took as I didn’t want her to get stuck up there someday while no one was home.  After about fifteen minutes and the occasional meow, she found her way back down the exact way she jumped up.

However, she still loves to hang out on top of our refrigerator!

Always full of adventure, new surprises, birdies to hunt, weird noises to explore, it’s always a lot of fun with our three cookies! After all, they are one of the many simple joys in life!

2 Responses to “3 cookies update…”

  1. Hope March 19, 2012 at 6:54 pm #

    Aww, they’re so cute! I wouldn’t even know how to break up a cat fight. ( We tend to hear strays going at it on the street). I love the monorail set up on top of the cabinets. I’m going to steal that idea one day! 😀

    • faithtrustnpixiedust March 19, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

      haha thanks! 🙂 It was Ryan’s and its a good way to display it. we even have a Spaceship Earth on one end. It’s was a random thought and it worked out.

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