Our Life Together…

My amazing husband and I have such an amazing life.  I wanted to create a page that features exciting events in our life after our Happily-Ever-After Started.

Buying Our First House

Our First Home!

End of May 2011, we closed on our first home! After having been married for two years, we got our own space and are slowly learning the ways of being homeowners.  From leaky toilets, to do it yourself fix-it projects, we are learning the skills, saving money, and slowly fixing up our home! It was in great condition, but as any homeowner knows, there are still so many changes and ways to make it your own.

Vacation of a Lifetime

before the Starlit Hui

We went on an amazing almost three week vacation to California, Hawaii, and back to California again.  Not only did we complete our first Coast to Coast marathon experience with Disney, but we stayed at Aulani, the new Disney Resort and loved every minute of our three week vacation together! We never fought, got along amazingly, and really proved how meant to be we are together!



And the future…  This page will be updated whenever I feel we have a major “life” or “relationship” event or just something we want to showcase of our life together! After all, life is all about how you make the little moments seem big!



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