beginning of happily ever after

Ryan and I met in June of 2007.  There is no real “day” to the beginning of our happily ever after.  Somewhere along from our meeting, it started.  However, I can still remember the first moment I laid eyes on my amazing husband.  I remember seeing him for the first time and just knowing he was going to be important in my life.

The day that we joined as man and wife was one of the happiest days of my life!  It’s amazing to be married and start a legal happily-ever-after, so here is a recap!

Well, Ryan and I had gone to bed the night before at around ten or so after our rehearsal dinner with everyone. We finally fell asleep close til eleven. I woke up at 1am and couldn’t sleep. I woke the hubby to be up and told him I was anxious, so he tried to get me to sleep. Well it didn’t work so I ended up watching Sex & The City. Yay for our big flat screen in our poly honeymoon suite! :cheer: At 3am, when we were finally supposed to get up, we got up, Ryan shaved, and I took a quick shower but didn’t wash my hair. At about 3:50 we got a call from Lisa from Lisa’s Magical Weddings, she just needed to be swiped into our building. So Ryan walked down to the end of the hall and let her in. We set up in the corner of the room. And she started on my hair. I told her I honestly don’t care. I decided on a side-part and the rest of it up. About 40 minutes later, my hair was done! 🙂 And Ryan was playing Game-boy the entire time. Lisa was highly entertaining to work with. She told stories about her grand daughter and working at Disney. Then she also explained the MK Portrait Session process to us. She said the photographer will call you about an hour before or so just to check in. She was right! Right inbetween my hair and make-up, Amy Alexander called who was our photographer! She said she was running early, so she should be in the lobby by 5:40am, so whenever we are ready just head out! Lisa went to work on my make-up then. She was fast and efficient. She also gave me two “touch-ups” for my lips since she figured I would eat breakfast before the wedding. We ended up getting to the Polynesian Lobby at 5:45am. However, I forgot to wear all my jewelry. Let me just say… it was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amy was in the lobby waiting for us, and we hopped into her van and off we went. Amy was wonderful to work with and absolutely amazing. The castle lights were not on, the castle was black, so we actually ended up getting a lot of other photos elsewhere. And a lot of the other ones are my favorites! Amy had a shall for me to use in between shots. May I just say, we found the ONE wedding day of the year that at 6am in the MK it was about 30 degrees. NOT the day to be wearing a strapless dress. I was FREEZING! However, it was a lot of fun and I loved our session. I decided not to use my flowers for it because I”m klutzy and didn’t want to drop them. Amy explained that they would have fixed them had I broken them, but I didn’t want to run that risk! Anyway, here are a few photos from our session…

We returned at 8am to our room and were FROZEN! I was freezing. Ryan jumped in our jacuzzi, but with my veil, make-up and hair, I couldn’t, so I just stuck my feet in to unfreeze them. I would not stop shaking. I piled on as many layers as I could, but then soon I had to get back into my dress. At 8:30am, we were getting ready to leave our room since we’d be there by 9am to the Polynesian lobby and I all of a sudden was almost puking with fear. Not fear, that I was going to marry Ryan, that I was fine with, but fear that the wedding was going to be messed up in some way by our wedding planner or someone was not going to show up. Well I had brought my teddy bear that I had since I was little and Ryan being adorable just had him walk over to me and made the bear jump into my arms, which how I ended up with this photo… We left the room and headed out to the Polynesian lobby. It was a bit warmer, but not much! We were off to get married!

Ryan and I left our room at 9am. We headed to the lobby. Stan (STVS Video) & his wife, Randy (Randy Chapman Photography), and Rev. Jack Day (& his wife) were already all there. Randy & Stan told us that Tanis was running late. A lady from Disney floral (she was soooo nice, but I never wrote down her name!) presented us with our bouquet and Ryan’s bout. She also gave me my bridal purse. I wasn’t even expecting to get it at that point, so I was surprised and just kinda threw it at my mom to hold because I had nothing to put in it!

Ryan’s mom & step-dad were already there, but everyone else wasn’t yet. Soon the rest of the family kept on arriving. My parents, my brother and his wife, and Ryan’s dad and step-mom. Still… no Tanis. She told us she would meet us there at 9:15. She showed up at around 9:45ish.

Randy got to town and started taking photos and posing us. We got all of the family photos and whatnot done before the ceremony so that was nice! Stan was also video taping the entire thing!

We took the golf cart out to Sunset Point, and that was our wedding!!!!!

I would tell you more in detail about it, but my main thing I remember from it is…

1 – It was FREEZING!!!!
2 – Halfway through the ceremony I noticed about 5 guys in tuxes standing all around sunset point. They were sweeping it from side to side with their eyes. Disney security in tuxes!!!! To make sure no one interrupted us! The rest of the ceremony, I spent it hopeful that they would tackle someone!


After our ceremony, we had a quick toast, and Tanis asked us if we wanted to just take the cake home since it was so cold and eat it there. We quickly agreed to that. Ryan because he was frozen.

After all of our marathon photo taking, inside the Polynesian, outside, on the pier, with the monorail, it was insane! I really loved that Randy thought to grab us two yellow plastic leis. Shortly after he did that, The Polynesian staff ran up with two ACTUAL flower leis made out of carnations, so we used those in the rest of our photos. I really can’t say enough how amazing Stan & Randy were together!

We finally were done and it was only about 12:00. We headed back to the house. Randy and Stan put us in the limo. We had said good-bye to Tanis before. I was surprised she hung out for photos. We had a minor mishap with my bridal purse missing, but we found it. And we headed home to for our cake & champagne and brunch that we were going to have at our house!

After brunch and a nap, we ended up going to Ohanas at Disney’s Polynesian Resort for dinner and ended the evening with Wishes fireworks cruises! It was definitely a night to remember!

This was the first of one of our many dances we had on our wedding adventure!


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  1. set2music December 30, 2009 at 8:49 pm #

    that’s so funny that disney security were in tuxes!!


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