cat smarts…

27 Apr

I feel this is one of those blog posts that will make me seem like a crazy cat lady.  Remember, I have one amazing husband!

Over the last two weeks there have been two instances that have made me feel so proud to be the Mom to three amazing cats! During our new air conditioner install last week, some of the dust that they stirred up caused our smoke detectors to go off.  Definitely not a fun experience! We had our three cookies closed up in our master suite as they tend to be super “helpful” and we didn’t want them getting in the way of the company installing our new air conditioner.

Miss Oreo... lounging in the patio. The most recent photo I have of her.

I went into their room when they didn’t get it shut off within a few seconds expecting them to all be hidden due to the awful noise. I open the door and to my surprise, I have three cats come running towards me, sit down and stare at me.  I swear I could hear them saying:

“Mother! What is that awful noise? What do we do?! Do we need to evacuate?”

I swear that’s what they were all saying. I was so proud at that moment as it made me realize in a fire, this is what they would hear. If we weren’t home, I have great faith that the fireman or the cats would get themselves out safely.  I led them into our bathroom as there is no fire detector in there, so the noise was less. I did have to go back and scoop up Miss Oreo, as she decided she was just going to evacuate and was attempting to get out the door once she saw me.  Once I had all three of them in the bathroom, I sat on the floor with them and they just all crowded around me.  It made me super proud and super happy at the moment.  It’s definitely a treat filled moment!

Our second situation happened this morning.  Miss Snickerdoodle started walking on me at around 7am.  Not all that unusual, but I got to bed late, and I was expecting to sleep until my alarm around 9:30am.  I was super sleepy and tried to ignore her by putting her next to me.  She then started to chew on my cell phone cord which she never does!  I put her on the floor and scolded her for being rotten.  She then started attacking the computer cord! Super unlikely for her! Her sister, maybe, but not her!  I scolded her again and got up to move the cords, when I noticed there were blood spots on the bed next to me.  I looked at the spots, looked at her, and she meowed! Quickly, I checked her butt and yup, she was bleeding. Not a good situation! However, I apologized for scolding her, got her cleaned up, and woke the husband up to start cleaning up other areas.

Snickerdoodle and Butterscotch hunting! Two peas in a pod!

We made a vet appointment as this happened once before for her.  Our baby girl seems to have a very sensitive stomach.  The vet appointment was for 9am.  It was 8am, so we got up, showered, both super tired after being to bed at about 1am due to my husband  working late.  We were debating who should take them, and the two of us decided to go leaving Butterscotch home by himself.  The girls end up going to the vet more than him, and he normally just sits out by the window and watches for them.  He doesn’t cause trouble or get worried.  He also prances around the house and takes some advantage of being the only cat if there is someone there to pet him, but he doesn’t play. He just keeps watch for his sister.  We both had enough time to go with them before work, and when you have a carrier that weighs 30 pounds, you need that extra person to get any doors in your path!

We went to the vet, and sure enough, Snickerdoodle seems to have colitis.  Or at least an extremely sensitive stomach!  We have some meds and powder to help her.  Last time the doses was too strong and it made her sick, so we halved it this time, as our vet is super willing to work with us.  Unfortunately, the medicine she has is one of the only meds on the market that is super effective.  Our other option is to try food allergy methods, so we do have options after this, which we will try based on how she survives this.

We are super glad its not something worse, as its definitely something we can work with!  I am also super proud as she woke us up.  It really made me proud.  I know I may compare them to humans, but I swear, they are often smarter than a lot of people I run into!

So those are my crazy cat lady moments as of late.  I love our three cookies and could not be prouder of how they’ve grown! The vet today always says they are some of the sweetest cats ever! So proud!

One Response to “cat smarts…”

  1. Hope May 1, 2012 at 4:52 pm #

    Glad to hear she’ll be okay and I’m amazed at how smart pets are!

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