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A year ago…

9 Jun

A year ago at this very moment, I thought I was tired.  I thought I knew what was about to happen, but I really had no clue. As a year ago I was getting ready for bed, crawling into bed and then I heard a “pop.” That pop was the start of the most wonderful journey that I’ve ever experienced.  Four hours later a few hours after midnight (after probably one of the shortest labors most people will ever hear about), I met one amazing little girl who has continued to light up my life and help me find my destiny ever since.

The past year has been challenging and life changing. You think you’re tired? Have a baby, work a full time job, live far away from family or most people who’d you consider asking for help, and just rely on your husband who also works a full time job often with opposite hours. Then I will believe you are tired.  Have any child for that matter, and you will know the definition of tired.


How those nap photos of changed in a year, but I’m still incredibly grateful for each and every nap cuddle!

It’s also been wonderful. It’s amazing to think of myself as to where I was a year ago jumping into motherhood and where I am now. I’ve found my inner voice as being her mother. I speak up for what’s best for her. I fight for what she deserves. I find a way to give her everything I can and to keep her safe, healthy, happy, and loved. She is oh-so-very-much loved.


click photo for source

It’s been interesting. I started out breastfeeding as I knew I wanted to. My goal was six months. There were some nights early on when she wanted to eat ALL THE TIME that I was wondering if I could make it three months. There were nights when she just kept eating that I was nervous I wasn’t producing enough milk. Before we knew it, I had hit six months. We introduced solid foods and it was all easy enough from there. Yes, I dedicated all my breaks at work to pumping. I was lucky enough to have a bit of a freezer stash for the days that I didn’t quite pump enough.  I successfully am a full-time working mother who managed to exclusively breastfeed their child for an entire year.  I’m proud of that statement. (I would like to state that I don’t care if you breastfeeding or formula feed as long as your child is well fed and taken care of. Good for you mom, no matter what you did!)  Yes, the last few months got easier as I was able to transition to working at home and I can pump while I work. It’s a glorious thing!  Now, here I am a year breastfeeding in and I’m trying to figure out how to start weaning. In the past week, she’s started refusing a bottle and only wants fresh milk. We’ll transition into other liquids at daycare, but how does one wean? That’s my new dilemma, and it’s not something I ever thought of a year ago. It’s a wonderful place to be.


It’s been a year of discovery. I’ve been finding what’s important and myself. The past year as really made me see that I am meant to be her mother and I love being her mother.  Before I had her, I never got a feeling of “this is where I’m meant to be” as strongly as I do each and every day with her.


It’s been a year of thanks. After our first pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, I was terrified. I didn’t know if I would ever get pregnant. My entire second pregnancy I was scared. I tried to enjoy it, but it didn’t feel real as what if something happened? She didn’t feel real until she entered the room and then life was magnificent.  Then, I started worrying about SIDs, if she’s safe at daycare, if she’s eating enough, and all other normal mom worries. I’m thankful I was able to have those worries as not every Mom gets a happy ending. So I’ve been thankful and gave thanks as I’ve prayed for this wonderful little girl who lights up my life and I can’t wait to see grow up. I’m grateful and thankful for each and every day. I’ve learned to put my phone down and enjoy the moment more. Enjoy watching this wonderful girl discover, grow, fall down, pick herself back up and try again.


My big girl watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I hope I am lucky enough to see her grandchildren someday as that’s a wonderful thought.  Happy Birthday Eve Sweet Darling Girl.  Here’s to a wonderful second year and many many more.  I won’t mind if you let me sleep past 2:12 a.m. tonight when you made your appearance and screamed for the next two hours as you didn’t know what happened or where you were.  However, if you want to relive those moments and get Mama cuddles, go ahead and wake me up.  I’d be happy to hold you.


6 months and counting…

9 Dec

Six months ago at this very moment we were at Celebration hospital, getting ready to meet our little girl. Tonight, we stayed up late (well later than she went to bed) and started to wrap christmas presents. I am feeling a bit reflective on life as I know it will be the first of many nights like this to come in the future and I feel incredibly blessed. 


Our Girl

It’s been an amazing wonderful tiring six months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m still the obsessive new mom, but I’ve learned to relax a tiny bit. (Sids is still scary, as are disease and strangers, but we’ve got to let her experience life.) We’ve gone on car rides, plane rides, and visited quite a few states. We even managed to get her a passport so we can go on more adventures in the future!

We’ve started to find the new normal in our relationship. My husband and I  have adjusted to our roles and still find time for each other. We’ve managed to slowly work in more of our normal lives, but still are adjusting. We’ve dealt with our first illness where it would be easier to be by family, but we’ve gotten through it together.


We put her first. She’s learned so much and has such a personality so far. I can’t wait to see her in 10, 20, even 50 years in the future. However, it seems like just yesterday that my curious curly haired girl was joining the world.


Pondering the world

LO is trying to sit up. She babbles and “pets” the animals by pulling their hair. She also mimcks our eating habits (she will start food next week) and gets upset when she can’t see us. She can roll over and loves to sleep on her side or tummy. She is full of baby giggles and smiles. She really knows how to light up our world.

While I am planning on getting much more sleep than I did six months ago, I am so grateful for the opportunity of being her mom. We are so blessed.


Happy half birthday little one, your world is about to get a lot more tasty. We love you so much.


16 Mar

Now that we are home and settled from vacation, we are planning our next one! Each vacation I am thankful that I have my amazing hubby who I just love spending time with. I can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us!

We learn somethings each trip – like how we don’t want to fly American Airlines again thanks to their crappy customer service, but we always have fun, relax, miss our fur kids at home, and just enjoy ourselves.


So yes I am extremely thankful that we are healthy and save enough to travel, the safe travels we have, the support we get from our family, and the adventure.

And for anyone who reads this, don’t worry, the vacation posts are coming!

respect and thankfulness…

20 Mar

Well, I’ve had a blog rolling around in my head for a few days.  However, I’m not sure if I am actually posting it. I’ve delayed to give myself a few days to ponder it, and while I don’t feel I have a real decision I want to blog.

This past week has been an interesting week. We’ve had some houseguests visiting us which were my husband’s old friends.  It was a very entertaining week! However, it just made my husband and I appreciate our little routine even more!

This last week I’ve also become feeling very thankful towards my parents.  It’s busy time again at work and you see people from all walks of life, but I am very thankful for my parents who raised me correctly.  They raised me how to be polite and have manners in any situation.  I learned this week when I wanted to take the low road, I still took the high one and that is due to my upbringing.

I’m also very thankful to my parents that I know how to appropriately act in public and private situations. I also know how to act when on vacation, or visiting someone, and I have my manners and respect people’s boundaries.  It’s busy times that often make me ever so thankful.

This past week though, I also became even more appreciative of my husband.  He defended our little family and I am SO thankful he did, as it helped restore some of the peace and helped calm us a bit.  I’ve always known he has my back.  However, he shouted it to the world this week, and that was an amazing feeling.  Stressful, yet amazing!

First impressions are vital.  They take a lot to change and with one person not making any effort, feeling like they don’t need to prove anything, often that first impression may be the last. You just let them pass throughout your life, because if you don’t show what you have to offer, obviously, how is one supposed to know? Where as, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can judge someone on how they treat you. Just like the cartoon above, you have to give some respect to get it, and I feel so many people just demand it without giving us a reason to respect them.

This last week also had a lot of other firsts, however, I am more mature than to blast them step my step in the public domain.  I know that words may come back to haunt you!

I am excited though for a day off tomorrow. It will be SO nice to enjoy a bit of time with my husband and kittens! Who knows where our adventure will take us, typhoon lagoon or blizzard beach? Who knows!!!

And for those of you out there in blog world, I promise to post something much more entertaining soon!

kittens purrs of cold weather…

15 Dec

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but I’ve been busy. And cold!  The weather here in Florida has dropped drastically.  Freezing temperatures.  yes, that’s right. In FLORIDA!  The last two nights if it had rained, it would have been snow.  Yes, that’s right, snow!

Well, what has my life been up to? Lots of work.  Right now the happiness that I am looking forward to is January 8th!  Why January 8th? The WDW 1/2 Marathon, but it will be my first of three days off!  I am so super excited for that! I’ve been having one day off for the past few months, and I am looking forward to the possibility of having two days off every so often.  Yes it will be less money which I will miss, but I will be able to spend more time with my husband!

My parents came last week to celebrate Christmas.  It was nice.  I’m glad they get the chance to get down here in early December each year so we can celebrate.  It brings me a bit of home as my mom always bakes cookies and it makes me feel all warm and lovey! It was great fun to have and it was nice to come home to see them a few nights while they were here.  I am also incredibly thankful for all the money and experiences they always bring us, as it is a huge help since we don’t make much!

Well, this blog has gotten to be kinda ramble, which is probably due to the cold, or at least that is what I am blaming it on, and I will leave you with a few photos!

Ice @ Gaylord Palms

Bashful & I


Amazing Vows of Sickness…

6 Apr

When you get married you do the typical “in sickness and health” vows. I honestly don’t remember if our wedding vows had that in them, as we didn’t have traditional vows, but the sentiment was there even if it wasn’t word for word.  This past weekend my hubby lived up to his vows in every since of the way.

I was getting sick, and I kept on working when I knew I should probably rest or go to the doctor, but I figured I’d just try to get to my weekend and then rest.  Well I came home Saturday and my throat hurt horribly.  I made up a story (maybe because I had a fever, now that I look back at it), that I had two iguana’s living in my throat. I named them Pablo and Iggy and they were lovers.

Iggy & Pablo when they aren't in my throat

Well, it hurt bad. I got home from work on Saturday and was pretty much useless. I just curled up on the couch and wanted to rest.  My amazing husband made me soup and grilled cheese for dinner.  However, I started aching so badly that I couldn’t even eat it. My body hurt so bad that I was happier to just go hungry than to feed myself, so my amazing husband started to feed me. He realized I had a fever so he got a bath ready for me to try and calm my fever down a bit.  It felt amazing. However, after the bath, I ended up puking up all his hard work! All the food in my stomach was gone. I had a fever of about only 100.9 but I was not happy. I had tried to take tylenol to calm it down, but I threw that up with my food, and I was unable to take anything else for four hours, so I just had to suffer.  At around 10:30pm at night I was hungry again so Husband went out to get me some fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies which I wanted, along with some Gatorade.  That’s devotion to go out once we’re in bed.  Fried chicken is my sick food. I can eat it when I’m sick and I have never puked it back up, so it’s normally something decent to get in my stomach.

I attempted to go to bed, but I know I wandered a lot. I randomly took another bath at 2am, and I pet the kittens a lot. They were all cuddled with me because of my fever.  I took my temperature at 2am and it was up to 102.  Ugh. It was awful.  My amazing husband woke up to get me some milk to try and calm my stomach.  I woke up the next morning and called into work.  That happened to be Easter Sunday, and I felt absolutely awful, but after getting barely 2 hours of sleep and my fever, there was no way I could function.  I tried to sleep a bit more and I woke up when my alarm went off at 8:50am and I was sweated. I had finally broken my fever.

The husband called and made me an appointment at a Clinic to take me in.  So at 11am after getting me some chicken for breakfast, off to the doctor we went.  He talked for me, helped me fill out forms.  I wasn’t too friendly as I just wanted to FEEL better.  I was told I had a really severe sinus infection (uhm, okay?) so I was given a Z-pack and some 180mg of Allegra to try and clear it out of my system. (Did I mention I’m on the Allegra for 10 days and it makes me REALLY dizzy?) We went to the pharmacy right there in the clinic, and then we were on our way home.

So I have an amazing husband who FED me when I just gave up myself. That is devotion. He took care of me and never once complained when I asked for things or when I just started to cry because I was frustrated.  He was amazing. I am truly blessed.  I just hope that I can someday repay the favor, but I hope that he is never this sick.

So marriage is really amazing when you do have someone who is there in every sense of the vows.

Now a couple days later, I’m on the mend, but not 100%. Getting better slowly and I tire easily. I need to get back on my workout routine, but I know I need to rest.  I can only thank my amazing husband that I’ve gotten this far so far!