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9 Jun

Two years ago almost at this very moment, my water broke. We are hoping we don’t have a repeat today or tomorrow of that as her brother is coming soon – but two years ago our lives were about to change so much for the better.

Cautrell - 0072

Sweet Newborn Girl (Photo Credit: Galati Photography)

The past two years have been full of growing and learning as parents and as a kiddo.  I do know that I have the best job in the world – being her mom. I still find my footing here and there, but it’s definitely what makes life worth living and I am grateful for each and every day I get with her and my family.  Seeing the world through her eyes is just simply amazing.

We’ve had lots of changes over the past year.  We switched daycares (which was the BEST decision we ever made), our jobs have changed, but mostly we’ve gotten to see our little girl grow and she grew a lot.

What are her favorite foods? She will try almost everything. She loves condiments – especially ketchup, noodles, ice cream, yogurt, any kind of fruit (and I do mean any!). She had some steak and sushi recently again and she loved them both.

How many words does she say? Probably close to a thousand. She talks a TON. She’s constantly amazing us with words and short sentences. Her latest one is, “Coming Soon.” We think she picked it up from the movies she’s asked to watch. Best thing she says “I love you, Mommy” or “I love you, Daddy.” She says these on an almost daily basis.

Current Obsessions? Finding Nemo (Hank the Octopus), Beauty and the Beast,  Word Party, and Bambi – along with anything Mickey Mouse/Fab 6 related when the mood strikes her.

Developmental wise? Right on track from the quizzes and ahead in some areas. She can count from 1-10 some days solo, other days with assistance. She knows her shapes and a lot of colors. She has fantastic fine and gross motor skills.  She runs, jumps, plays, and is an extremely active two year old. Switching her daycare was the best decision we ever made as watching her grow this past year is such a blessing. I’m constantly amazed by the social, educational, and emotional skills she’s learning.

Favorite Toy? So many – bubbles, balls, her bikes, Mickey Mouse Fisher Price House, her play kitchen. She also loves airplanes and trucks/trains.

Tantrums? They happen – they are a part of life. They are really just her struggling because we misunderstand or she can’t communicate with us what she wants. Through her school, we found a great way of dealing with them through conscious discipline and it actually works and helps us move on.

Favorite things as a family? She LOVES water (agua), so we’ve spent a lot of time at the Disney Water Parks and the beach over the past year. We’ve traveled to Disneyland and gone on a lot of adventures around home to Theme Parks, playgrounds, and picked a lot of fruit – blueberry, strawberries, and peaches. I can’t wait to go back to the farms next year.

Favorite activities?  Anything outside – bubbles, going to the park, playing on her new play structure outside, visiting Disney World, trains, and going on adventures with Mom and Dad.

Favorite Books? She LOVES to “read” and have us read to her. She loves the Carl Books, Where’s Spot?, Sandra Boynton books, any books about animals, and still loves doing You Are TuTu Cute.

Favorite Character? Nemo, Dory, Hank, Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Pluto

How do we think she will adapt to big brother? To be determined. We don’t have any expectations for her. The next few months will be a big adjustment for all of us. She calls for baby brother and knows he’s in my tummy, but how she reacts when he gets home will be determined by her. I’m not trying to set any expectations so she can just be herself.


Photo Credit: Lady Blue Photography by Nerissa Johnson

What do we expect for the next year? Keep being yourself kid. The next year will be full of adjustments for all of us.  We will struggle, we will learn, and we will find our new normal.  You bring us so much joy and teach us so much. Keep dreaming, keep learning, and keep living – I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us through the struggles, the happiness, and the small moments that really added up make amazing moments as we are together as a family.  You are what makes my heart sing with happiness.  I love you so much sweet girl and I always will.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. (Photo Credit: Lady Blue Photography from Nerissa Johnson)



the doubt makes you human…

20 Feb

it’s amazing how some people just simply can’t get over things.  Things that happen years, months, days ago.  Even though I am one that sometimes has a hard time getting over things, I have a different problem.  Most people can’t forgive or feel so spiteful or hateful or don’t know the entire situation so they just stay mad.  What sense does that make? Me, I worry, and I just wish I could change some things.

I feel bad when I hurt people.  I think I have one of the most consciences ever on the face of this earth.  However, I also think people know that and sometimes take advantage of that.  I can be easy to read at times when I really wish I wasn’t.

I can’t be sorry for things I didn’t want to do.  It sucks that there are some things that I didn’t figure out sooner I didn’t want or find a way to stop from happening, but eventually I found out.  No, it’s not all about me.  I’m sorry if I’ve hurt some people along the way, but most things that are good for me are better for more than me also.  Few things in life just better yourself.  Maybe it feels like it at the time, but in the long run, things are better the way they turn out.  It may not be the way you wanted, but it happened for a reason.

It’s amazing how some people refuse to let you into their life because they just have a preconceived notion of you.   I really wonder how life will be years from now and if I will still be feeling bad for certain things or if I will just eventually not care.

I am trying to let go of some things that honestly don’t matter and I think a little day by day that things just honestly I can’t change.  People will think what they want.  People will do what they want.  People will spread rumors or lies if they want. I can’t change that.  I think I’m starting to realize that more and more.

I’m not a perfect person.  I never claim to be.  There are few things I claim to be, but there is so much doubt behind them.  Sometimes I wish I was that ignorant and didn’t have the doubt, but the doubt makes you human.  The doubt makes you realize that your not perfect and gives you some morals.

I guess the point of this is for me to realize I can’t change it.  I get that.  I’ve tried.  I have apologized for things in the past.  And I think that’s about all you can do.  So maybe this is a step.  Maybe it’s okay.  That’s a start and there’s some hope.

quick thought

7 Feb

some people will never change.  They will never grow, learn, or eventually become a better person.

However, the ones that accept change, embrace it, and try to learn from everything they’ve come across in life, will go much farther, and live happier, fuller lives.

Maybe more thoughts on this later.  its bed time now.