6 months and counting…

9 Dec

Six months ago at this very moment we were at Celebration hospital, getting ready to meet our little girl. Tonight, we stayed up late (well later than she went to bed) and started to wrap christmas presents. I am feeling a bit reflective on life as I know it will be the first of many nights like this to come in the future and I feel incredibly blessed. 


Our Girl

It’s been an amazing wonderful tiring six months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m still the obsessive new mom, but I’ve learned to relax a tiny bit. (Sids is still scary, as are disease and strangers, but we’ve got to let her experience life.) We’ve gone on car rides, plane rides, and visited quite a few states. We even managed to get her a passport so we can go on more adventures in the future!

We’ve started to find the new normal in our relationship. My husband and I  have adjusted to our roles and still find time for each other. We’ve managed to slowly work in more of our normal lives, but still are adjusting. We’ve dealt with our first illness where it would be easier to be by family, but we’ve gotten through it together.


We put her first. She’s learned so much and has such a personality so far. I can’t wait to see her in 10, 20, even 50 years in the future. However, it seems like just yesterday that my curious curly haired girl was joining the world.


Pondering the world

LO is trying to sit up. She babbles and “pets” the animals by pulling their hair. She also mimcks our eating habits (she will start food next week) and gets upset when she can’t see us. She can roll over and loves to sleep on her side or tummy. She is full of baby giggles and smiles. She really knows how to light up our world.

While I am planning on getting much more sleep than I did six months ago, I am so grateful for the opportunity of being her mom. We are so blessed.


Happy half birthday little one, your world is about to get a lot more tasty. We love you so much.

First Halloween…

31 Oct

Today we were lucky enough to celebrate baby girl’s first halloween. I think she knew it was a special day as she took a three hour nap this afternoon which she never does.  (I joined her for the first hour. Love naps with my girl. Only thing better is family naps!)

At first I wasn’t going to buy her a costume but thanks to a late night run to babies r us a few weeks ago, I picked one up as they were on sale. We didn’t care what she was but decided on most outrageous and adorable.  Our options were cupcake, ladybug, bumble bee, unicorn, witch, or owl.  I decided on owl and she definitely makes a cute one.


We had done a Halloween craft weeks ago with making her feet into ghosts and mailed a one to all the grandparents. She loved getting her feet painted and she helped me smash them down into the paper. It was a lot of fun and will inspire me to hopefully do more fun projects.

As our first halloween as a family, I’m definitely glad we got her a costume. The memories are worth every penny.


Happy Halloween!

Baby giggles are addicting.

30 Oct

Tomorrow ends three glorious weeks that I’ve gotten to spend with our LO. She’s been a delight. She is extremely well behaved as a baby, but there have definitely been some tears. However, none of those matter as they are off set by the amazing sound of baby giggles.


This is a normal pose for her. She loves that foot.

We’ve done our first craft project (I’ll upload it in a Halloween post that I plan on doing tomorrow.) We’ve taken her to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She’s met some of my coworkers. We’ve had amazing friends visit. It’s been a very good three weeks. (Even me getting sick as Daddy was luckily able to cover and nothing says true love besides that as being sick with a child is worse than just being sick.)

However through all the moments some of my favorites were this afternoon when we were both just laughing and being silly. Her little eyes would just light up as she knew I was going to laugh and just joined in the fun. No toys, just us girls giggling together being silly. Between baby giggles and cuddles I am flying on an emotional high even though I’m still missing some sleep (please, I will be well rested again in a few years). The one thing that would have made it better is our entire family being together. That will just have to wait until our next vacation.




What is this thing?

LO, I hope you know how unbelievably loved you are.


Daycare Woes…

22 Oct

As being a working Mom, it means I have to send this adorable little angel to daycare.

meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time!

meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time!

It’s great that I have an amazing place to take her.  However, I still wish I could spend all my time with her.  It’s definitely a juggle getting her to daycare and us on with our day.  While I’m at work I can check-up on her to make sure all is fine.  I’m also spending my breaks making her meals for the next day. Each week that I successfully get enough for her meals makes me happy. I’m happy I’m able to breastfeed and provide for her. I know it’s not for everyone and without support, I could have easily jumped off the band wagon as the first few weeks that was all that I did. While I am missing those moments a bit, I still love each successful day!

I’m already doing better not crying dropping her off at daycare.  I only tear up when I hand her over and I try to not cry as I really don’t want her to think anything is wrong as it’s not. Mom is just going to miss her a lot!  Eventually, we will be an expert at this I’m sure.

So until we end up where I can spend all my days with her and make her smile and laugh – or better yet all of us together as a family! I will just be thankful and happy that she has a safe caring place with people to take care of her. Even though I wish she could always be with me.

Kids are little miracles…

17 Oct

In the past few months as I’ve gotten the pleasure to watch LO grow, it’s been amazing to see her little accomplishments. I’m addicted to making her giggle or smile (but still tell her no when she bites).  It’s been great to see her accomplishments – like holding up her head. It’s something that we just take for granted. We hold up our head all day long and it’s no big deal. However, to a baby who is slowly getting control it’s a HUGE deal. Granted, she started holding her head up for little bits of time since birth, it’s so great to see how we can sit her like a big girl and she just holds up her head without any help. Something we take for granted, but is so hard and is worked at for a little one.

Love this Collage

Love this Collage

I honestly think if everyone had a baby to watch their little miracles (not that everyone should take care of a baby, but just watch one) the world would be a better place.

She rolled over once and my amazing husband got it on film as she had been trying her hardest all week. We now have a video of the first moment she went from tummy to back. She looked totally confused and didn’t understand what happened.  She hasn’t tried it again since so it may have scared her.  However,  I know it will be amazing to watch her the first time she crawls (she tries so hard), sits up (How do babies figure out how to sit up? How do they learn that?), or pulls herself up or anything it will be a joy to watch. It really is great to watch her little accomplishments.

She hated tummy time when it started off. It was just not for her. However, she urgently wants to crawl.  I keep telling her that as soon as she can lift her trunk up, she’ll be able to go. However, she has to practice tummy time in order to get there.  Maybe someday she’ll understand that.

There’s already been so many changes in her few months to name a few:

  • She no longer has to sleep with a swaddle (big girl pajamas!)
  • She recognizes both of her parents.  We get huge grins when we get home from work.
  • She can imitate faces that we make.
  • She knows her bedtime routine and once she starts getting sleepy she’s cranky until we start it. Then it’s instant smiles.
Trying to copy my face

Trying to copy my face

So yes, kids are little miracles. Not only is it a miracle that we survived pregnancy, had a safe delivery, and she’s made it this far – just watching her learn is amazing. This is totally a new mom gushing post. I just wanted to share my joy.  I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. I’m not wishing time for her to be older, I’m enjoying each and every moment (although I would like her to sleep through the night – four month sleep regression needs to end – I miss our even 5 hour chunks a night).

Standing like a big girl.

Standing like a big girl.

I read somewhere that having a baby is the only joyous occasion you are really at a hospital for and when you are done having kids the only time you’ll be at the hospital after that is for some unhappy occasions. It really is true. Kids are the only joy you get from hospitals and the quote just reminds me to keep enjoying every moment. Put my phone down and watch her.  Although I am getting so many moments in pictures, there are times that I just put down my phone and watch the little wonder that she is.

If you would have told pregnant me or even before mom me how much joy this would be I wouldn’t entirely understand. I knew it would be life changing. However, I don’t think in my mind the total changes that we would end up making. The joy we would end up having.  I knew it would be awesome but not this awesome.

watching the wonder of discovery and her little brain work!

watching the wonder of discovery and her little brain work!

4 Months and counting…

15 Oct


I can’t believe that its been over four months since we met this little princess. It seems like its been forever or just a few seconds long at the same time.  We are settling into a pattern but will adjust when she starts daycare full time.  Our days are filled with giggles, smiles, occasional tears, and laughter.

She continues to surprise us each day.  I did my first craft yesterday with her to send a small something to the grandparents and she just giggled and helped me push down her foot. I thought paint and a four month old would be a disaster, but it wasn’t. It was just a great moment.

The past four months have made me realize who our real friends are. We’ve shifted to a new chapter and not everyone from our old chapter is moving with us. We live far away from our families and don’t have the option to rely on them for childcare, We don’t have many friends with kids.  In many moments is just us with a lot of long distance hands off support,  It makes you stronger although it can be lonely.


She’s entirely worth it though. Every moment is a blessing. We are finding time for us occasionally between our new normal.  She’s rolled once and was really confused by it. She still tries to crawl, once she can get her spine up we’re in trouble. Seeing each accomplishment makes me so proud,

what is this thing?

what is this thing?

She loves the “K” noise and is currently going Kkkkkkk at me to get my attention so I must end this here.  Hopefully more thoughts later!

Adventures in Motherhood…

4 Aug

Little Girl is 8 weeks old tomorrow – and how amazing it has been!

I never thought I’d enjoy being a Stay-at-home-Mom.  However, its been a blessing! There have been tears, adjustments, little seep, and headaches but I wouldn’t change anything.  We finally have a bit of a schedule and she’s giving us one long chunk of sleep a night between 3 and 6 hours.She also has self soothed herself to sleep some (without a pacifier – she’s only taken one a few times. She prefers her hand or wrist)! We constantly say it but we are blessed with an exceptionally good baby.

nap time cuddles

nap time cuddles

It is demanding breastfeeding, but we are getting it. It seems like so much of my time is feeding her. I know I will miss it someday so I’m just trying to live in the moment.  It’s easier than I thought it would be, and I know that’s not the case for everyone.  I’m just thankful that I am capable to provide the nourishment for her and hope I can keep it up with pumping at work. I’m not going to lie, I also love the easy weight liss that I’m having with it.

She keeps trying to roll over during tummy time and she has great head holding skills already.  Each day I try to vary up our schedule so she doesn’t get bored.  Tummy time, plat mat, swing, etc!

We’ve also adventured into the world some! She has only opened her eyes a few times. However, she mainly sleeps. I know I will get a freak out eventually. I’m just enjoying the well behaved baby phase.

By our guesses on our scale, she weighs around 12 lbs! I’ll be curious to see what she weighs in a few weeks at her two month check-up. Her blonde curly hair is also growing and I’m curious if she will keep her curls.

I had all these great house cleaning plans for my maternity leave. However, I’ve mainly just enjoyed my time with her. When I’ve had the thought to do something, she normally is fussy and wants to sleep while being held – I’ll take it as I can never get these moments back with her. She’s definitely taught me to stop and smell the baby! (New human smell is amazing!)

My big plan was to sign up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon next week and take her to Disneyland for the first time in May of 2016 – just shy of 1 year old. However, it doesn’t appear that we would all get to enjoy our time there together, so I won’t be signing up.  I’m a bit sad that I won’t get to run the race as planned, but I know I’ll get her to Disneyland someday and we’ll be able to enjoy our time as a family. Things happen for a reason! I can always plan to tackle the race is 2017 or 2018.  It also gives me longer to train, so it will work out.

I can’t wait to see what great little human she turns into – her interests, likes, her personality even more so, etc.  I had planned a longer blog post, but she’s awake from her little cat nap and Bailey wants to go outside.  So I will end this now… by sharing one of her great newborn photos!

Newborn photo from: Galati Photography - http://galatiphoto.com/

Newborn photo from: Galati Photography – http://galatiphoto.com/