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30 thoughts on my last year…

22 Mar

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I’m too the point that I have to stop and think how old I am.  (It may be lack of sleep/mommy brain since LO has been born).  However, the last year has been simply amazing.  I’ve grown a lot. I’ve had some amazing experiences. I’ve had some lows, but I am forever grateful that I’m where I am currently.

I’m waiting for some baby food to cook up on the stove, so I figured I’d blog. However, I know my mental capacity isn’t much right now as I am exhausted. Again. So I figured I’d do a list of sorts. So here are 30 thoughts on my last year.

  1.  I’m grateful for all the trips an adventures we had before we had children. It makes me want to have every future trip with our family as we’ve already traveled the two of us – now it’s time to make some memories and adventures as a family.


    Throwback to Aulani

  2. I’m grateful for my job, friends,  and my husband all of which provide me to live and experience this wonderful world.
  3. I can survive on very small amounts of sleep.
  4. Skinning your knee is much more fun as a child then it is as an adult. It hurts just the same though. (Also – much cooler stories as a kid. Everyone just thinks you’re stupid if you fall down the stairs.)
  5. My house is now decorated with a bunch of kid toys – and I couldn’t be happier. I should have saved an empty room for all the stuff that a baby needs.
  6. By living where we do, we miss a lot and not everyone will understand that we can’t travel to where we grew up at the drop of a hat. This is our home, and by moving thousands of miles away I knew I’d miss some things. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped no matter how much I’d want to be there or see someone. I’ve been remembering this more and more lately.
  7. I need to hang out with our friends a bit more – (If you’re reading this and want to hang out (and wouldn’t mind a baby coming with) send me a message please!)
  8. Oatmeal really can produce more Breastmilk. I’ve used this multiple times when I needed to get more food.  #themoreyouknow
  9. Seeing a child figure out their world is simply one of the best things ever. This is one of my favorite things over the past year – I celebrate all of her accomplishments in my mind as they are things we take for granted that are really little miracles.


    Our Girl.

  10. Life is precious and there is way too much hatred, anger, and senseless killing in the world. We’ve seen this a lot in the last year. Something needs to change.
  11. Bailey just sits there and watches the baby crawl towards him. You have to remind him that he’s capable of moving. Butters does this as well. It’s like they freeze in fear as she’s coming to pull out chunks of their fur.
  12. Disney Cruises can be done with a baby. We will have many more of these in our future – Also, how does one book a cabin if you are suddenly five family members? IMG_5426
  13. You think you’re good at communication until you have a baby. We’ve worked through a lot of our bumps and we’re getting better every day.
  14. Motherhood is amazing. You cannot describe to anyone the amount of love you feel for your child or the joys, the fun, and the exhaustion. No one can understand unless you are a parent – it’s even more awesome than you think it is.
  15. I love my husband more and more each day as he has given me the opportunity to be our children’s mother.
  16. You don’t really miss caffeine once it’s out of your system. It really is a drug. I’ve been off caffeine for a year and a half now (minus the occasional one sip of husband’s soda) and I don’t miss it. It’s now a contest to see how far I can get with no caffeine I feel. There are some days when I really miss it or really want a Mountain Dew. I’ve learned to enjoy water, herbal tea’s, juices, and many other delicious things.
  17. I really enjoyed being pregnant. I didn’t have any complaints besides my occasional freak out moments when I couldn’t feel LO move enough.  However, it was a really unique and fun experience. Hopefully I get to do it again someday.
  18. There are many places I still want to visit and places I want to visit again. There’s been many day dreams on future vacation plannings over the past year.  There’s also been daydreams of being a Stay-At-Home-Mom – something I never thought I’d ever want.
  19. I’ve become a tiny bit less jaded over the past year. I realize that everyone is trying the best they can and where as I used to judge before, I’m probably a little less snarky12047135_835199502099_6813461391518704624_n now. Maybe I’ve mellowed a bit.
  20. Baby Giggles are like crack. SERIOUSLY.
  21. I definitely pray a bit more now that I’m a mother. I don’t just pray for myself and my family, but I think of five people that I know or don’t know a day and send prayers their way. Everyone can just a little bit of extra good thoughts and prayer.  I also say a prayer that my LO lives a long healthy life as she has so much to offer this world.
  22. I miss running and exercise. My goal for the next year is to get back on that boat and moving again. Lately, the most exercise I’ve gotten is stopping a baby from diving off a couch or a bed (or from crawling down the stairs). Hopefully we’ll get air in the tires of the jogging stroller and I will be out there again before I know it.
  23. I’m hopelessly behind on a lot of TV shows. I’ve started to read online spoilers and then watch them so I don’t feel as lost. One of these days we’ll catch up.
  24. I enjoy that I can eat spicier food. Thank you pregnancy. It’s definitely caused me to try some different things over the past year.
  25. The Mexican food cravings of my pregnancy have never left me.


    Hilton Head

  26. <—- That Guy is still my everything and always will be.
  27. I still enjoy the few moments I get to myself a day. However, at the same time I miss my little one so much that I wish she was right here cuddling next to me.
  28. I still love my jeep renegade. I’m definitely a jeep girl and I’m very happy that this is my car for the next chunk of my life.
  29. There will always be more cleaning and things to be done. I’m a mom that believes that the experiences of my child are much more important than a clean house. Apologies if you come visit and that offends you. It’s livable and it shows that we are living.
  30. I really hope that my life is nowhere near over. I want to see my LO in 30-40-or even 50 years from now. I cannot get over how precious these moments are and how I’m so grateful to be here to experience them and to see her grow.  I pray I’m lucky enough to watch her stumble, pick herself back up, find happiness, grow, and experience everything this wonderful world has to offer.IMG_5543

6 months and counting…

9 Dec

Six months ago at this very moment we were at Celebration hospital, getting ready to meet our little girl. Tonight, we stayed up late (well later than she went to bed) and started to wrap christmas presents. I am feeling a bit reflective on life as I know it will be the first of many nights like this to come in the future and I feel incredibly blessed. 


Our Girl

It’s been an amazing wonderful tiring six months that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m still the obsessive new mom, but I’ve learned to relax a tiny bit. (Sids is still scary, as are disease and strangers, but we’ve got to let her experience life.) We’ve gone on car rides, plane rides, and visited quite a few states. We even managed to get her a passport so we can go on more adventures in the future!

We’ve started to find the new normal in our relationship. My husband and I  have adjusted to our roles and still find time for each other. We’ve managed to slowly work in more of our normal lives, but still are adjusting. We’ve dealt with our first illness where it would be easier to be by family, but we’ve gotten through it together.


We put her first. She’s learned so much and has such a personality so far. I can’t wait to see her in 10, 20, even 50 years in the future. However, it seems like just yesterday that my curious curly haired girl was joining the world.


Pondering the world

LO is trying to sit up. She babbles and “pets” the animals by pulling their hair. She also mimcks our eating habits (she will start food next week) and gets upset when she can’t see us. She can roll over and loves to sleep on her side or tummy. She is full of baby giggles and smiles. She really knows how to light up our world.

While I am planning on getting much more sleep than I did six months ago, I am so grateful for the opportunity of being her mom. We are so blessed.


Happy half birthday little one, your world is about to get a lot more tasty. We love you so much.

Kids are little miracles…

17 Oct

In the past few months as I’ve gotten the pleasure to watch LO grow, it’s been amazing to see her little accomplishments. I’m addicted to making her giggle or smile (but still tell her no when she bites).  It’s been great to see her accomplishments – like holding up her head. It’s something that we just take for granted. We hold up our head all day long and it’s no big deal. However, to a baby who is slowly getting control it’s a HUGE deal. Granted, she started holding her head up for little bits of time since birth, it’s so great to see how we can sit her like a big girl and she just holds up her head without any help. Something we take for granted, but is so hard and is worked at for a little one.

Love this Collage

Love this Collage

I honestly think if everyone had a baby to watch their little miracles (not that everyone should take care of a baby, but just watch one) the world would be a better place.

She rolled over once and my amazing husband got it on film as she had been trying her hardest all week. We now have a video of the first moment she went from tummy to back. She looked totally confused and didn’t understand what happened.  She hasn’t tried it again since so it may have scared her.  However,  I know it will be amazing to watch her the first time she crawls (she tries so hard), sits up (How do babies figure out how to sit up? How do they learn that?), or pulls herself up or anything it will be a joy to watch. It really is great to watch her little accomplishments.

She hated tummy time when it started off. It was just not for her. However, she urgently wants to crawl.  I keep telling her that as soon as she can lift her trunk up, she’ll be able to go. However, she has to practice tummy time in order to get there.  Maybe someday she’ll understand that.

There’s already been so many changes in her few months to name a few:

  • She no longer has to sleep with a swaddle (big girl pajamas!)
  • She recognizes both of her parents.  We get huge grins when we get home from work.
  • She can imitate faces that we make.
  • She knows her bedtime routine and once she starts getting sleepy she’s cranky until we start it. Then it’s instant smiles.
Trying to copy my face

Trying to copy my face

So yes, kids are little miracles. Not only is it a miracle that we survived pregnancy, had a safe delivery, and she’s made it this far – just watching her learn is amazing. This is totally a new mom gushing post. I just wanted to share my joy.  I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow. I’m not wishing time for her to be older, I’m enjoying each and every moment (although I would like her to sleep through the night – four month sleep regression needs to end – I miss our even 5 hour chunks a night).

Standing like a big girl.

Standing like a big girl.

I read somewhere that having a baby is the only joyous occasion you are really at a hospital for and when you are done having kids the only time you’ll be at the hospital after that is for some unhappy occasions. It really is true. Kids are the only joy you get from hospitals and the quote just reminds me to keep enjoying every moment. Put my phone down and watch her.  Although I am getting so many moments in pictures, there are times that I just put down my phone and watch the little wonder that she is.

If you would have told pregnant me or even before mom me how much joy this would be I wouldn’t entirely understand. I knew it would be life changing. However, I don’t think in my mind the total changes that we would end up making. The joy we would end up having.  I knew it would be awesome but not this awesome.

watching the wonder of discovery and her little brain work!

watching the wonder of discovery and her little brain work!

37 weeks…

25 May

We are getting down into the last month.  Soon Baby Girl will be in our lives and we will be a lot tired but so in love with her! (At least that’s the plan!)

We are pretty much as prepared as we can be. Her car seat and our hospital bag are in the car.  We have a baby swing our living room, a sleeper set-up in our bedroom, her room is complete, and we are just trying to enjoy these last few weeks (or however much time she gives us) just the two of us before she’s here.

37 week. Don't mind the messy hair.

37 week. Don’t mind the messy hair.

We hope to take the next few weeks early and maybe do some fun stuff if she doesn’t come early.  We’ll see what happens as we have also entered the time of weekly doctor’s appointments! They will now start checking her for labor and make sure that everything is okay with her for her big debut.  I’m not too nervous about labor at the moments, but I know it will be unlike anything I’ve done before but have the support of my amazing husband to get through it with.

My work surprised me and threw a surprise baby shower this past week. I was completely shocked and just cried for a good chunk of time once they surprised me.  I am incredibly thankful to work with such a great group of people and was in shock.  Apparently they had been planning it for a few weeks and were amazed that I had no clue.  It’s the little blessings in life that make you smile!  We had  Figment themed sign (which is being hung in her room for the time being) and a Figment cake.

Our Cake!

Our Cake!

My main complaint is that my feet are swelling a lot. We went out yesterday to get me another pair of shoes in hopes it will make it until the end of my pregnancy.  I officially got a wide type shoe. I can’t wait until the swelling goes down and I can fit until the dozens of pairs in my closet. My feet definitely don’t look like anything special in them, but they don’t hurt (at the moment), I think I got them big enough to swell a bit more, and they hurt less than my previous ones.  So hopefully it works out.  If they keep me a bit more comfortable for the next few weeks, the $25 is worth it!

I’ve spent a good chunk of today with my feet up on the couch.  I believe the swelling is going down a tiny bit which is good for work this week.  I’m still sleeping through the night although I find it harder and harder to get up.  And I will end this rambling with the random questions that I’ve been filling out:

Must have items: Bigger Shoes; no shoes, some place to elevate my feet and a pillow for back support when I sit most of the time.

Sleep: I’m still good thankfully. Apparently Baby Girl L and her Daddy were playing a game last night while I was sleeping with them poking each other. I slept through it!

Cravings: Nothing specifically. I’ve been getting sick of water and craving more liquids with flavor, but I’m still focused on my water intake.  Other than that, I still eat Mexican, but I was craving cottage cheese this past week.

Baby movement: She’s moving.  I haven’t seen a foot or anything stick out yet and am curious if I will or not.  However, I just am thankful that I feel all the kicks.

Challenges this week: Foot Swelling. My feet just hurt sometimes. They’ve made me not want to do my yoga or much of anything anymore.

Best moment this week: Surprise Baby Shower at work and Hitting Full Term! She’s officially considered Full Term at 37 weeks and I am extremely thankful that she seems to be doing okay.

33 weeks… and baby shower…

3 May

It’s been awhile since I blogged.  My amazing husband is putting together our many boxes of baby things (swings, rockers, play yards, strollers, car seats) while I sit on the couch.  I was attempting to help, but I proved myself to be completely unhelpful and useless as I couldn’t put the first thing together that I picked up (apparently I lacked arm strength).  I just ordered a few last minute essentials off of our target registry.  (We are registered at Target and Babies R Us and still have plenty that we will need/want if anyone is feeling generous!)

We have the necessities for our little girl who is due to arrive in less than 7 weeks!  Our goal is to get everything set up and ready so we have a few weeks of being just us – as we totally understand our lives will change.  I’m going to pack our hospital bag a bit later today.  We will basically be done and prepared for her and hopefully have a few weeks to do silly things like go to the beach, go to Bok Tower, walk around Disney, relax at home and do nothing… all the good things!

We had our baby shower a few weekends ago.  We were lucky enough that our parents were able to come in, help us set up for it, and contribute to have a grand celebration with our Florida family.  We are very thankful and blessed that we were able to celebrate with everyone!


crib sheet set-up


corner of her room

IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5106 IMG_5109IMG_0392 IMG_0393

We had our Guests decorate onsies. I didn’t post all of them (they are all really awesome), but above is a small sampling of them! Our favor theme was “mini” items which is what the little boxes are filled with.  It was super fun to make! Thank you to everyone who attended!

And now…

Must have items: Preparing for baby items!  I’m wanting to get stuff done. I also picked up a bunch of nursing clothes to get myself prepared for the first few weeks after baby. I’m loving my slightly bigger shoes although my feet do swell throughout the week.

Sleep: It depends on the night. Some are better than the other.  However, if I prepare I can still get about 8ish hours a night as long as I allow extra time for my five bathroom breaks!

Cravings: Nothing too specific. I still crave Mexican, but it gives me more heartburn, so I am avoiding it a bit. I still love all varieties and sweets and I’m eating more things my husband eats than I normally do!

Baby movement: She’s moving and grooving! Lots of movement throughout the day.  She doesn’t like anything on my stomach. I was resting my phone on my stomach while reading during my lunch break and she flipped it onto the floor when I wasn’t paying attention. My arm is over my stomach as I typed this and I just got a big kick.

Challenges this week: Back pain. It’s getting worse as she lowers. Yoga helps thankfully.  Bailey also barked at the pack and play and growled so I’m worried about him with Baby Girl, but we will adjust and make it work.  We will keep everything up for a bit so he can get used to it and I know we will introduce them and they will all hopefully love each other!

Best moment this week: The baby shower was wonderful a few weeks ago.  I’ve also enjoyed getting stuff done and preparing. Our lives are going to change a lot over the next few months, and I just want to make the most of every moment and enjoy everything! “Live in the moment.”

33 Week Bump Shot!

33 Week Bump Shot!

30 week update…

8 Apr

30 weeks!

I figured I’d do a 30 week update since it’s been awhile. I’m officially in the third trimester – not in too much pain, but some of my first trimester symptoms are coming back which can happen. We have tons to do before little girl gets here, but it’s finally sinking in that we are going to have a baby in a bit over 2 months!

Must have items: Bigger Shoes! My feet are swelling a tiny bit. I finally bought a pair of shoes for work that don’t make them swell as much as they are bigger. I probably need another pair of flip flops with more support or something, but we’ll see how the next few months go!

Sleep: I wake up about 3-4 times a night to roll over, use the bathroom, or get a drink of water. I’ve still been actually sleeping pretty good and sleeping through baby kicks that my husband feels, so I hope that it continues!

Cravings: Sweets or just more food. I’ll really eat whatever these days, but my appetite has increased a lot! We made a pumpkin pie last week for a craving and I’ve been snacking off of it! I’m glad I passed my glucose test and don’t have to watch my diet as I just want to eat. However, I’m making sure to get tons of fruit and veggies so my weight gain hasn’t been too bad at all.

Baby movement: Around the same as last time. If I’m really busy during the day or moving a lot, I don’t feel her as much, but I feel her enough to know that she’s doing good.  She poked me once hard today and it hurt for a moment, but then it stopped. She also discovered my ribs late last week, but has since turned back around. She still has plenty of time to get into position so I’m not worried.

Challenges this week: Not feeling overwhelmed. It’s starting to sink in we are having a baby. I’m thrilled. There is just a lot to do and I’m a planner. I’m happy that our baby shower is in a few weeks so that we can set up her room with gear. We still have to start decorating it.  I’m sure we will get a lot done over the next few weeks. I just wish I wasn’t working so much so I’d have more time to work on baby stuff.

Best moment this week: Sometimes my stomach just moves a LOT really quickly almost like she’s dancing. Her dad finally saw it this week and it brought a huge smile to his face. It always makes me smile when it happens as it’s a wonderful feeling.  I really do enjoy being pregnant so I’m thankful for this time. ❤

Our Family is Growing…

13 Dec
Front of our Announcement

Front of our Announcement

I know most people know due our Facebook posts. However, I also wanted to save this onto my blog.  I haven’t been a good blogger lately at least on this one.  Throughout this year we’ve had many difficulties that I didn’t feel like broadcasting on my public blog. Instead I created a separate one that I don’t share publicly on my page.  However, if anyone does want the link to my other blog please let me know and I will share the link with you.

We are absolutely thrilled, excited, and nervous that our family will be growing. We have been wanting to add a child to our family for awhile, and are happy that the time seems to finally be here.  Since we kept it a secret until 12 weeks, just my husband has gotten to deal with my morning sickness, cravings, crankiness, and moods. However, he is a trooper and really amazing.  He is wonderful and I don’t know what I ever did to deserve him!  I can’t wait to see how we handle this next adventure.

Currently, I am just looking forward to shopping for maternity clothes and I am dying to start showing more. It’s the little things that really make the world go round.  I’ve been craving mostly Mexican food which makes us joke that the baby is Mexican. We also did some extra genetic testing just to see what our chances are – although we won’t put much value into them.  I just can’t wait to go through the steps and the next appointment.

Thank you for all the prayers and congratulations that we’ve already received. They are most appreciated.