Disney Cruising with a Baby…

16 Feb

We recently went on our first Disney cruise with LO.  I had done my research and had gone back and forth from thinking it was the BEST idea ever to the WORST idea ever.  Where was it? It was definitely doable.  Would I do it again? Definitely!

Why should you go on a Disney Cruise with your baby?

  • Lots of time together.
  • You can’t be forced to do any housework.
  • They can make baby food at the restaurants
  • It’s always easy to run back to your stateroom for an outfit or diaper change.
  • The nursery onboard where baby can stay

What was the one thing I didn’t like about cruising with a baby? The pack and plays had a bar that go through the middle (Why are they designed like that?) and she didn’t sleep more than 3 hour chunks at night at a time.  It was either from the boat rocking (it definitely took her a tiny bit to get used to it) or from the bar. It wasn’t in a spot that we could have her avoid it.

We did have her spend a bit of time in the It’s a Small World Nursery.  You pay by the hour, but all the counselors are certified in some child care courses.  They asked us to bring her back again as she was so well behaved.  They offer snacks or will feed the baby based on what you provide.  They will also call you if they become upset or agitated and need to be picked up ahead of time. It never happened to us and she willingly went with them each time.  (She also seemed to enjoy napping there better than in the room. I think that crib was more like what she was used to – if only we could get one in our cabin!)

The nursery has kids up to 3 years of age, so she was one of the youngest since she sailed right under 8 months and you have to be 6 months to sail. However, they were great with her and even offered to let her stay longer and sleep one time while she was sleeping.  (We took her out, but they carried her out and she stayed asleep!)

I was anxious about getting baby food made on-board. I read it was possible at the buffet and at any dinner restaurant. It was really simple. I don’t know why I was worried. Each night at dinner we picked a fruit or vegetable to have made for her for the following night.  This way it was ready right at the beginning of dinner. Our servers were great at making sure her food came before or during our appetizers so we could feed her and then eat our dinner.

They do have high chairs on-board. However, we got a travel one from amazon before we left that had a little bit of extra back support for her (and a tray which she loves).  We were happy to have it as we even used it in our room to feed her lunch once.

Each morning we got her a banana purred for breakfast.  Throughout the cruise she ate: sweet potato, avocado, banana, pears, apples, carrots, and squash.  We had some prepacked stuff that we used in our room or the last morning when they were out of banana and she was too impatient to wait for the apples that we ordered.  It was definitely easy and the Cast were super helpful.


She saw her first movie in a theater on board (The Good Dinosaur). They had a “family friendly” movie hour where they left a few  lights on, the sound down a bit, and talking was expected. She made it about halfway through before falling asleep.  Each afternoon we took her up to the deck to nap in the breeze which she enjoyed.  We played in the lobby with the toys we brought on-board, entered her in the diaper dash (she looked so cute!), and even watched a matinee performance of Believe that she stayed awake for about half of it.

Early dinner was a must for our cruise for her. She enjoys her bedtime by 8:30 p.m. most nights, so after an early dinner and wandering around the ship a bit, she was ready for bed. We ordered room service or watched tv or snuck out two nights while my parents came by to hang out in our room.  Disney has the stage shows on tv so we watched them in the room and didn’t feel like we were missing out.

We didn’t explore too much at ports – we will have to stop again when she’s older! We got off and walked around a bit.  In St. Thomas, we did the butterfly garden which was definitely worth it with a small child, but other than that just saw a bit of the islands close to the port and got back on within a few hours.  We could have left her in the nursery, but I was really enjoying my time with her and together as a family so we decided to stay close instead of letting her spend more time in the nursery.


All in all it was an amazing trip with her.  We will definitely be taking her again, and wouldn’t hesitate to take another baby.

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