Daycare Woes…

22 Oct

As being a working Mom, it means I have to send this adorable little angel to daycare.

meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time!

meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time!

It’s great that I have an amazing place to take her.  However, I still wish I could spend all my time with her.  It’s definitely a juggle getting her to daycare and us on with our day.  While I’m at work I can check-up on her to make sure all is fine.  I’m also spending my breaks making her meals for the next day. Each week that I successfully get enough for her meals makes me happy. I’m happy I’m able to breastfeed and provide for her. I know it’s not for everyone and without support, I could have easily jumped off the band wagon as the first few weeks that was all that I did. While I am missing those moments a bit, I still love each successful day!

I’m already doing better not crying dropping her off at daycare.  I only tear up when I hand her over and I try to not cry as I really don’t want her to think anything is wrong as it’s not. Mom is just going to miss her a lot!  Eventually, we will be an expert at this I’m sure.

So until we end up where I can spend all my days with her and make her smile and laugh – or better yet all of us together as a family! I will just be thankful and happy that she has a safe caring place with people to take care of her. Even though I wish she could always be with me.

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