4 Months and counting…

15 Oct


I can’t believe that its been over four months since we met this little princess. It seems like its been forever or just a few seconds long at the same time.  We are settling into a pattern but will adjust when she starts daycare full time.  Our days are filled with giggles, smiles, occasional tears, and laughter.

She continues to surprise us each day.  I did my first craft yesterday with her to send a small something to the grandparents and she just giggled and helped me push down her foot. I thought paint and a four month old would be a disaster, but it wasn’t. It was just a great moment.

The past four months have made me realize who our real friends are. We’ve shifted to a new chapter and not everyone from our old chapter is moving with us. We live far away from our families and don’t have the option to rely on them for childcare, We don’t have many friends with kids.  In many moments is just us with a lot of long distance hands off support,  It makes you stronger although it can be lonely.


She’s entirely worth it though. Every moment is a blessing. We are finding time for us occasionally between our new normal.  She’s rolled once and was really confused by it. She still tries to crawl, once she can get her spine up we’re in trouble. Seeing each accomplishment makes me so proud,

what is this thing?

what is this thing?

She loves the “K” noise and is currently going Kkkkkkk at me to get my attention so I must end this here.  Hopefully more thoughts later!


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