Adventures in Motherhood…

4 Aug

Little Girl is 8 weeks old tomorrow – and how amazing it has been!

I never thought I’d enjoy being a Stay-at-home-Mom.  However, its been a blessing! There have been tears, adjustments, little seep, and headaches but I wouldn’t change anything.  We finally have a bit of a schedule and she’s giving us one long chunk of sleep a night between 3 and 6 hours.She also has self soothed herself to sleep some (without a pacifier – she’s only taken one a few times. She prefers her hand or wrist)! We constantly say it but we are blessed with an exceptionally good baby.

nap time cuddles

nap time cuddles

It is demanding breastfeeding, but we are getting it. It seems like so much of my time is feeding her. I know I will miss it someday so I’m just trying to live in the moment.  It’s easier than I thought it would be, and I know that’s not the case for everyone.  I’m just thankful that I am capable to provide the nourishment for her and hope I can keep it up with pumping at work. I’m not going to lie, I also love the easy weight liss that I’m having with it.

She keeps trying to roll over during tummy time and she has great head holding skills already.  Each day I try to vary up our schedule so she doesn’t get bored.  Tummy time, plat mat, swing, etc!

We’ve also adventured into the world some! She has only opened her eyes a few times. However, she mainly sleeps. I know I will get a freak out eventually. I’m just enjoying the well behaved baby phase.

By our guesses on our scale, she weighs around 12 lbs! I’ll be curious to see what she weighs in a few weeks at her two month check-up. Her blonde curly hair is also growing and I’m curious if she will keep her curls.

I had all these great house cleaning plans for my maternity leave. However, I’ve mainly just enjoyed my time with her. When I’ve had the thought to do something, she normally is fussy and wants to sleep while being held – I’ll take it as I can never get these moments back with her. She’s definitely taught me to stop and smell the baby! (New human smell is amazing!)

My big plan was to sign up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon next week and take her to Disneyland for the first time in May of 2016 – just shy of 1 year old. However, it doesn’t appear that we would all get to enjoy our time there together, so I won’t be signing up.  I’m a bit sad that I won’t get to run the race as planned, but I know I’ll get her to Disneyland someday and we’ll be able to enjoy our time as a family. Things happen for a reason! I can always plan to tackle the race is 2017 or 2018.  It also gives me longer to train, so it will work out.

I can’t wait to see what great little human she turns into – her interests, likes, her personality even more so, etc.  I had planned a longer blog post, but she’s awake from her little cat nap and Bailey wants to go outside.  So I will end this now… by sharing one of her great newborn photos!

Newborn photo from: Galati Photography -

Newborn photo from: Galati Photography –

One Response to “Adventures in Motherhood…”

  1. jilliebeanie August 4, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Aww love it!!! I can’t believe 8 weeks has gone by already. Breastfeeding is definitely challenging and time consuming, but you’re doing great! The weight loss is an awesome side effect lol I miss Little man’s cuddle stage, he still does it, just not nearly as long as he used to 🙂 I love his discovery phase now though.

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