37 weeks…

25 May

We are getting down into the last month.  Soon Baby Girl will be in our lives and we will be a lot tired but so in love with her! (At least that’s the plan!)

We are pretty much as prepared as we can be. Her car seat and our hospital bag are in the car.  We have a baby swing our living room, a sleeper set-up in our bedroom, her room is complete, and we are just trying to enjoy these last few weeks (or however much time she gives us) just the two of us before she’s here.

37 week. Don't mind the messy hair.

37 week. Don’t mind the messy hair.

We hope to take the next few weeks early and maybe do some fun stuff if she doesn’t come early.  We’ll see what happens as we have also entered the time of weekly doctor’s appointments! They will now start checking her for labor and make sure that everything is okay with her for her big debut.  I’m not too nervous about labor at the moments, but I know it will be unlike anything I’ve done before but have the support of my amazing husband to get through it with.

My work surprised me and threw a surprise baby shower this past week. I was completely shocked and just cried for a good chunk of time once they surprised me.  I am incredibly thankful to work with such a great group of people and was in shock.  Apparently they had been planning it for a few weeks and were amazed that I had no clue.  It’s the little blessings in life that make you smile!  We had  Figment themed sign (which is being hung in her room for the time being) and a Figment cake.

Our Cake!

Our Cake!

My main complaint is that my feet are swelling a lot. We went out yesterday to get me another pair of shoes in hopes it will make it until the end of my pregnancy.  I officially got a wide type shoe. I can’t wait until the swelling goes down and I can fit until the dozens of pairs in my closet. My feet definitely don’t look like anything special in them, but they don’t hurt (at the moment), I think I got them big enough to swell a bit more, and they hurt less than my previous ones.  So hopefully it works out.  If they keep me a bit more comfortable for the next few weeks, the $25 is worth it!

I’ve spent a good chunk of today with my feet up on the couch.  I believe the swelling is going down a tiny bit which is good for work this week.  I’m still sleeping through the night although I find it harder and harder to get up.  And I will end this rambling with the random questions that I’ve been filling out:

Must have items: Bigger Shoes; no shoes, some place to elevate my feet and a pillow for back support when I sit most of the time.

Sleep: I’m still good thankfully. Apparently Baby Girl L and her Daddy were playing a game last night while I was sleeping with them poking each other. I slept through it!

Cravings: Nothing specifically. I’ve been getting sick of water and craving more liquids with flavor, but I’m still focused on my water intake.  Other than that, I still eat Mexican, but I was craving cottage cheese this past week.

Baby movement: She’s moving.  I haven’t seen a foot or anything stick out yet and am curious if I will or not.  However, I just am thankful that I feel all the kicks.

Challenges this week: Foot Swelling. My feet just hurt sometimes. They’ve made me not want to do my yoga or much of anything anymore.

Best moment this week: Surprise Baby Shower at work and Hitting Full Term! She’s officially considered Full Term at 37 weeks and I am extremely thankful that she seems to be doing okay.

One Response to “37 weeks…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland May 29, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    It’s so sweet of your co-workers to surprise you with the shower. That cake looked amazing! Also I had heard that women swell during pregnancy in their feet, but I had never seen it until your pics. That’s incredible! Not too much time left. Yay!

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