Babymoon/Birthday Vacation…

26 Mar

Last year when we were setting up our vacation for this year, we took time off for our birthdays. It was the first year that we ever took any time off in quite a few years. We wanted to either get on a cruise or go away somewhere for my birthday.  However, since we originally took the time off, we are now blessed with a little baby girl so it became our babymoon or last vacation before baby arrives.

A cruise was out as I had passed 24 weeks and am no longer allowed on cruise ships. So a road trip was our next choice. I didn’t want to fly (as much as I would have loved going to Disneyland), I’ve made the choice not to fly during this pregnancy if I can help it.  So two road trip possibilities came into play either Memphis or Hilton Head, SC.  Eventually, Hilton Head won as it is only about a five hour drive from our house.  Considering I’m now just in the last trimester of pregnancy and needed to get up and stretch my legs every 1.5 hours in the car, I definitely think we made the right choice.  We both had never been to South Carolina so we didn’t know what to expect.

The Beach House is located on the beach, while the actual Resort is not. It's just a 1.5 mile bike ride or 5 minute drive away.

The Beach House is located on the beach, while the actual Resort is not. It’s just a 1.5 mile bike ride or 5 minute drive away.

We stayed one night at the Omni Oceanfront Resort. It was a gorgeous resort with plenty of amenities. We didn’t arrive until about 9 p.m. after leaving our house late and stopping for dinner at Cheeburger Cheeburger nearby, so we didn’t really explore the Resort much. Our room was gorgeous and we’d definitely stay there again.

It was also a bit colder than we would have liked since it was 60s/40s most days and cloudy or rain. However, we can have fun wherever we go and make the best of things.  After our one night right on the beach, we moved over to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort which checked off our last Disney Resort in the US that isn’t attached to a Theme Park. We were lucky and our room was ready when we showed up at around 11 a.m. after a late breakfast at the Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe. (The Cafe was super delicious and is on our must-visit list the next time we return.)

Banana Rum Pancakes with Sausage! Yum!

Banana Rum Pancakes with Sausage! Yum!

We were impressed with the Resort as the Front Desk Cast Member came out to greet us by name after buzzing us in through the gate. She also checked us in and called our room after we were settled to make sure that we had everything we needed. The Resort is located right on a harbor between other hotels, apartments, restaurants, and stores.

We were in building 20 which is close to the middle of the Resort. The Resort has corn hole, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and tons of other activities on the grounds along with two pools.  It’s surrounded by nature and even though they were doing construction on the building next to us, we hardly heard it.  Our room was absolutely gorgeous and it was definitely a convenience to have a full kitchen.

We settled in the room and then went to explore the island after reading through two guides they provided about things to do. We drove around looking at various shops and also went to the Coastal Discovery Museum.  We went through the building of the museum and part of the outside. However, it then started to rain and considering it was only in the 50s, it was cold. My husband graciously agreed to cut the museum trip short and we went back to driving around the island exploring.  We stopped at Publix to pick up some groceries for breakfast the next morning and some beverages for us to enjoy over the next few days and then headed back to the Resort. We had lunch at a local BBQ place that was recommended, but we both weren’t that impressed and I didn’t end up eating much.

We then headed to meet Shadow, the resident dog of Hilton Head. He seemed to love my husband (with good reason most dogs do!) We learned about Shadow from his trainer, played a game of pool in the den, and I discovered the put out fresh cookies and hot apple cider daily. (Yum!)


I have been battling a cold, so I was tired and just wanted a night in our room. I used yelp to find a local pizza place. We ended up calling Giuseppi’s Pizza and ordering a pizza and garlic knots to pick up which was five minutes from the Resort via car. We then curled up and watched a DVD (Bears) while I devoured half the pizza and garlic knots. It was drizzling out still, so it was perfectly okay with me that we just enjoyed our hotel room and some uninterrupted company with each other.

The next morning we got up and it was my birthday. The Resort had dropped off a birthday gift of chocolate and taffy. I was also given a card at check-in. (Very Nice!) It was the warmest day of our visit so we had plans to go explore the beach house and spend some time at the pool.  The beach was cold. We were bundled, but we sat there for awhile reading books and just enjoying the fresh air. We ate lunch at the Beach House (steak sandwich, mahi mahi sandwich, and onion rings) which was delicious and then headed back to our room and went to the pool.



We spent some time at the pool which was heated reading. During this time we got to watch a lifeguard save two girls that were being ignored by their parents. They were crying hysterically for help and the life guard jumped into the water to save them. He blew his whistle, and by the time he hit the water, three other lifeguards appeared from nowhere. One took over his post patrolling the rest of the pool while the other two went to help in any way that they could.  Meanwhile, the girls parents just stared at the lifeguard saving their children.  Eventually after they were questioned, they got up and were told by the life guard that their children needed life vests. Sadly, the girls had been swimming fine moments before and had been obviously trying to get their parents attention. We were very impressed by their response and I was glad that the lifeguard was sent to go get new clothes as it was still only in the 50s and he was now drenched.

We spent some more time at the pool and my husband enjoyed the slide.  After that, we went back to our room and got into dry clothes and warmed up. We had picked up hot chocolate the day before, so we made some hot chocolate and slowly got ready for dinner.

Our Room

Our Room

We then went out to explore a different section of the island and stopped at the Island Fudge Shop.  We then ended up driving out for dinner a bit early as we were done exploring the island. We debated going to the lighthouse, but you had to pay to get even close to it which wasn’t worth it in our opinion.  We had decided on Hudson’s on the Docks for dinner due to multiple yelp reviews saying how delicious it was and it featured fresh seafood.  We enjoyed our dinner and were impressed by the quick friendly service.

After dinner, we went back to the Resort and went out to play corn hole.  Apparently, I’m a natural and won the first game rather quickly.  After a few games and a walk around, we went back to our room and enjoyed our last night.

Hilton Head Island is definitely a different sort of vacation. It’s relaxing. There is plenty to do if you want to do activities at the Resort, but if you want to just relax on a beach, a bench, or a hammock there are options. It was definitely quiet and a nice relaxing getaway.  We would definitely visit again in the future. We realized that next time we would have a little one that may want to do more of the kids activities.

We drove home the next day after sleeping in and going to part of Shadow’s Bunny Hunt.  We stopped in Savannah for lunch right by the river. While it was nice to see the Savannah, it wasn’t really a city that either of us could see ourselves vacationing at in the future.

It was a good trip. We got to spend some time together and relax away from preparing for our exciting addition arriving in June!

2 Responses to “Babymoon/Birthday Vacation…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland March 26, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    Sounds like you had the perfect relaxing vacation just before baby girl comes and deprives you of sleep and time off. lol I guess I’m super unfamiliar with the east coast, but I didn’t realize Disney had resorts outside of FL. You sold me on the warm cookies and hot cider every day! yum! Also, what’s up with those parents. It drives me mad when parents don’t parent. Watch your kids people! Gah!! lol

    • faithtrustnpixiedust March 26, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

      Haha yeah its the other one out of Florida besides aulani.

      The other parents drove me crazy! They didn’t even blink really they just watched until the lifeguard yelled at them. Lol On Mar 26, 2015 6:41 PM, “Faith Trust and Pixie Dust” wrote:


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