18(ish) weeks and counting…

17 Jan

I figured I’d do a pregnancy update. We have been doing fairly well minus my ER scare a few weeks ago when I ended up with a nice long seven hour visit to the Celebration ER.  Thankfully baby and I are both okay and focusing on keeping ourselves hydrated ever since the scare. Based on the scan we are either at 18 or 19 weeks currently. The little one loves to move around and not stay straight or still… at least in that scan.  So we got some varying measurements – as long as everything is healthy I really don’t care.

I figured I’d finish the blog by having an update of common questions just so I have some sort of record. Not sure if I will continue doing this, but I figured one week won’t hurt!


Must have items: 

  • Water or Powerade. It’s been my go-to since my hospital visit. I miss drinking things with more flavor, but I’ve officially kicked my caffeine addiction a few weeks ago and have minimal since (just any amount in chocolate or a few sips of soda).
  • Maternity Jeans – I can still zip up my old jeans but they are so painful. Especially for more than a few minutes. We went out shopping yesterday to pick up a few more things and I also bought yoga pants and a jacket. I guess this means I need to go to prenatal yoga soon!

Sleep: I always wake up twice to run to the bathroom and attempt to not step on the puppy who sleeps soundly next to me. He’s moved once or twice after my stumble so I don’t think he trusts me too much right now. I’m to the point that I should start sleeping on my side due to all the pregnancy books, so I’ve instructed my husband to roll me over if he finds me on my back.  He’s done it a few times, amazing husband as he is, and hasn’t minded when I’ve used him to prop myself up sideways.

Cravings: Still Mexican, Chocolate Shakes, Cookies’n’Cream Shakes, Bacon, Cinnamon Rolls, Fruit, and Veggies. A random variety, but so many of my cravings are foods that my husband craves or eats. He finds it hilarious as I’m eating mostly all of his favorites that I don’t always eat a ton of.

Baby movement: I still think I’m getting a few flutters here and there. It doesn’t seem to be increasing, but I do still think I’m feeling it off and on every few days. I’m not worried as it can take up to 25 weeks to feel it stronger in your first pregnancy (at least that’s what they say and I keep telling myself).

Gender: We will find out at our next appointment first week of February! We will announce it a few days later after our immediate families know. I’m excited for our gender ultrasound even though I have to drink a bunch of water before it.

Challenges this week: Working a ton. I slept so much as we had overtime at work. It was a struggle to keep my eyes awake and some days it didn’t feel that I woke up until noon even though I had been at work awhile.  I can’t wait until things slow down a bit.

Best moment this week: Impromptu date night to eat Nachos at Chuy’s. Something about their nachos and creamy jalapeno dip makes me very happy! I was also told I’m starting to actually look pregnant this week by multiple people. That makes me very happy! ❤

One Response to “18(ish) weeks and counting…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland January 19, 2015 at 8:45 pm #

    Your Mom Jeans can be Thanksgiving Pants like in Friends after you have the baby. 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing great after that ER scare and that you’ll be finding out what you’re having in a few weeks! I also think it’s cool that you’re writing down your likes and changes as the months go on. Whether or not you post them on the blog, I think it’s great that you’re keeping a record. I’m sure future baby would love to read it when they grow up and know more about themselves from the VERY beginning. 🙂

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