Castaway Cay 5k Update…

16 Feb

Recently, I went on another Disney cruise.  This time on the Disney Magic! There will be blogs coming about that, however, I ran the Castaway Cay 5k for the second time during this trip!

In the first one, I ran with my husband and my parents and we had tons of fun.  This one, I ran by myself while they ate breakfast.  Why did I decide to run it again? Well, I did want to get in some training runs as it was between two of my races.  However, I also wanted the medal. (As cheesy as it sounds, yes I did!)  The last time they were out of medals, so I wanted one.

It was the same course, so nothing new there.  I do feel it was just as hot as October when I ran it last! Not what I was expecting for January.  This time we waited at the start line for awhile while we were waiting for someone else to join us.  I definitely ran more this time – probably because I was in better shape than I was the last time I ran it.

I love how you are the first Guests off the boat!  We were leaving as they were announcing that you could get off the ship.  We wandered the way up to the start line and after the wait took off.  I started off a bit fast just to get away from about the 70 or so other people running.  I wanted to break off a bit, and I didn’t mind if people passed me.  I also forgot my inhaler and hadn’t used it yet that day, so I was going to listen to my lungs and go slow.

So I ran.  It was hot so I had to refill my water once on the loop back. It’s an easy course, you run up to the air strip, around the loop to the look out tower, up the air strip the rest of the way, back down to the look-out loop again, and then back to the start line.  I chatted with a few people along my way and really just had a good time.  It was hot so I was happy when I was done and I even set a record for that specific 5k.  This time I finished in just under 35 minutes!  Definitely not as slow as I expected, but I am super proud of it anyway!


Did it!


One Response to “Castaway Cay 5k Update…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland February 17, 2014 at 10:44 pm #

    Congrats on getting another medal!

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