London Ramblings…

9 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been over three months since we were in London!  I really can’t believe it. I also can’t believe how behind I am at blogging some memories!

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

We saw a lot – The British Museum, Victoria’s & Albert’s Museum, Science Museum, Churchill War Rooms, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and experienced some local culture at various pubs!  We bought the London Pass before we went that included travel.  That was definitely worth it as it was paid for in advance so the only thing we spent money on while we were there is food and souvenirs.  Definitely the way to go.  It was nice to not worry so much about spending money on all the different entrances to exhibits.  I used to find little cafes or pubs to eat it so we didn’t spend too much money on food and tried to stay away from the chain restaurants.

English Breakfast - what my husband had every day of our trip!

English Breakfast – what my husband had every day of our trip!

It was cheap and by reading the reviews, we didn’t really end up with any awful food.  Definitely worth it and caused us to not over spend!  I enjoyed the Churchill War Rooms a lot more then I thought I would, so I am super glad my husband insisted on going there.  I am also super proud that I climbed to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral! I don’t like heights, so it took some thinking on my part, but I made it to the top – about 1,000 steps up! (And why are their stairs so tiny? Why are their feet so small? My size 9 shoes didn’t fit on the majority of the stairs!)  I held on for dear life, but I am super glad that I made it to the top.  Definitely worth the adventure!

Big Ben!

Big Ben!

We were back to our hotel by 8-9 every night to play around on the internet, update our families, and just relax.  Most museums opened at 7 a.m or 8 a.m.  so we were up early to go and enjoy our time as we wanted to make sure we saw everything we wanted to!  Since we had such great luck picking our hotel, it is definitely a city we would want to visit again. Can’t wait to visit again!

Bangers and Mash!

Bangers and Mash!

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