WDW Marathon Recap…

13 Jan

Yesterday, I attempted the Walt Disney World Marathon.  It was my first.  I was looking forward to it, I was excited for it, and I was going to try my hardest.  I was feeling a bit run down before it, but I just figured it was exhaustion from working a lot, and excitement from the race.  I had a migraine on Saturday, that never quite went away, but I didn’t worry too much.

My excitement carried me through my 2:30 a.m. wake-up call, the drive, and the wait in my corral.  I lined up and decided I was going to try to stay with the 5:30 pacer for all of it or at least most of it or whatever I could handle.  Most of my training runs were at around a 12 minute pace, so I figured I could stay with them for a bit as it was 12:30 pace.  They had ran for five minutes, walked for a minute – considering my training was run for 10, walk for one, I figured I would be okay a big chunk of the way.

(source: click photo)

We started, I was feeling okay.  I made a few friends with the pacer, but they all decided to just start walking instead of running. I decided to attempt to stick with the pacer.  Miles 1-5 flew by, I was doing good.  Then my stomach started hurting.  Badly.  It came on pretty bad.  I tried to drink a bit of water slowly, and I decided to walk a bit more.  Mile six was a bit shaky, but I was still doing it.  I gave up my plan to stay with the pacer knowing that I could always catch back up later, or I could go at my own pace, I decided to walk a bit.  My stomach felt a bit better, but I started feeling really run-down.  I tried some energy beans that I had with me, and I was okay for about another half a mile.

By mile seven, I really really wanted to vomit.  It was pretty disgusting.  I pulled out my phone, texted my husband, letting him know that I wasn’t doing the best, I slowed to a walk, and I wanted to puke, but right now I was doing okay. So I walked a bit. I can still do this I thought.

By mile 8 I started vomiting.  Then the migraine came back.  By mile 12, I was thinking of quitting.  I didn’t think I could make it. The vomiting was disgusting, luckily I was able to space it to most bathrooms.  I texted my husband telling him that at the next medic station, I was pulling myself as I was starting not to see straight and was dizzy.  He texted back to make it to the Animal Kingdom Parking lot, as he was there.  My last mile took me 20 minutes. I was just trying to put one foot in front of the other, and moving. I felt like I was going fast, I definitely wasn’t.

When he saw me in the Animal Kingdom parking lot, he told me I looked horribly ill. The next medic tent was in the parking lot, so he walked along the side to make sure I got there.  I then told them I was pulling myself.  Bless them for dealing with my hysterically crying once I explained what was going on.  Also, bless the runner that offered to walk it with me until I got picked up if I wanted to keep going.  I declined knowing it wasn’t a good idea.  Bless my husband for just texting me repeatedly telling him how proud he was of me, and how he couldn’t wait to get me home to take care of me. Bless my parents for texting me happy thoughts and telling me I did the right thing.  Bless all my wonderful friends who commented on my facebook status or texted me saying I will get it next year and that it’s a good thing I listened.

I can officially cross lying on a lawn chair in the Animal Kingdom parking lot with a blanket wrapped around me off my “Things I have never done” list.  They didn’t want to give me anything to drink as I had been vomiting, but my slow pace really stopped it.  I was given a tiny glass of water to sip, and they asked me if I wanted medical attention.  I declined, they stated that I was possibly over hydrated or had the flu.  They had seen a few runners with the flu.  I cried and sat on my chair and waited for the bus.

Finally got back to Epcot after about an hour of waiting and bus ride, and my husband had just parked. I called him and headed straight for him and he got me home.  I slept most of yesterday and woke up a few times dry heaving in the middle of the night.

Today, my ear started burning again.  It had been hurting a bit on and off throughout the last few weeks.  Today, it felt like it did a few months ago when I had a severe inner ear canal infection.  I had today off from work, so I decided to get myself to urgent care as I was still feeling off. I had a fever yesterday about 6 hours after the race still, which my body temperature should have been back to normal.

My amazing husband (Have I mentioned how amazing he is? He cleaned the house yesterday while I was sleeping and then curled up with me to watch a movie, simply amazing!) drove me to the CVS minute clinic. I waited a bit and saw the amazingly fast and detailed doctor (She was super nice!) and she told me two things:

  • I have a severe inner ear infection and a sinus infection.  It looks like it could head toward pneumonia very easily, so it’s a good thing I came in.  It looks like it has been festering awhile.
  • I had no right running as far as I did yesterday.  She’s heard of other cases where people have fainted or passed out from running. I could have done other damage to myself.  She yelled at me to listen to my body more. I told her I did. I stopped at mile 14.

Not quite this bad, but some of my pills are massive. (source: click photo)

Given a handful of prescriptions, I am now back home to recover. Lucky for me, I should be okay to go to work rather quickly as I won’t be contagious and I should be healed by our Disney Cruise in a few weeks.

In reflection, I know I did the right thing. It was miserable.  I am upset I didn’t finish, however, I am proud I attempted and proud of how far I got. I am not that disappointed that I quit, yes I was crying hysterically.  Yes, I was sad. However, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I couldn’t imagine going farther than I did.  I am glad I got as far as I did, as I will definitely be ready to tackle the Princess in February and I won’t be afraid as I still finished a half marathon.

Will I ever train for a marathon or run one again? No.  I am quite content on that decision.  This was the one to cross off my bucket list.  I still crossed it off.  I attempted – I ran two half marathons in a year, that adds up to a marathon. 26.2 doesn’t seem to be the distance for me and that’s okay.

(source: click photo)

I thought I would be more disappointed.  However, I didn’t love the marathon training.  I love training for a half marathon, but the full is too much.  It’s just not for me, and running isn’t for everyone, so I am still perfectly okay just loving the half.  I also still consider myself a runner, just because I quit doesn’t mean I’m not one.  You have to love what you do, and that much running I didn’t love.  However, training for a half is more my speed. I enjoy it. A lot. (And I am proud that as sick as I am, I got almost 14 miles in!)

So yes, there will be more half marathons in my future. Including the Princess half marathon coming up in just about a month with my college roomie! I can’t wait to see her finish her first marathon, as I will never forget my thrill. I am also planning to do the Tinkerbell half in a few years at Disneyland. 13.1 or under is the distance for me, and I am perfectly okay with that.  Here’s to the next 13.1!

2 Responses to “WDW Marathon Recap…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland January 13, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    You did amazingly and I’m proud of you! I’m so sorry that you are sick and I hope you recover soon. I’m glad that your Hubby took care of you too.

    • faithtrustnpixiedust January 13, 2014 at 7:15 pm #

      Thank you. I really do appreciate it, it broke my heart to stop, but I survived. 🙂 hopefully the meds kick in soon!

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