7 Jan

We mostly spent our time at Disneyland Paris in Paris.  However, we did take one morning and take the train to see the Eiffel Tower!

europe 359

had to go see it!

We had a map of the trains, so we bought our tickets and off we went! It was easy to navigate and within an hour we were at the tower!  I don’t like heights, so I didn’t want to go up in the tower. Also, the lines were huge!  They were doing some construction so part of it was blocked off, but we walked around for a bit and saw it from all angles!

europe 375


across the street

across the street

It was great to see as we didn’t have much interest in seeing a lot of the city. We studied and planned before we went and we were more excited about Disneyland! Hee!  However, we are happy we went and it was a nice preview to us navigating the underground as that was our main mode of transportation in London.


We found another English speaking couple and got photos of us!  Definitely the way to do it and we didn’t have to pay for a photo and we got one together!

We headed back to our hotel and got back within 5 hours and headed off to another day in the parks!

I am definitely happy we went and saw, and i am okay with not doing more we got a lot of history and culture in London.



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