Disneyland Paris…

27 Dec

Over two months ago we spent five fun days in Disneyland Paris. It was our first over-seas Disney park and loved it!  I have a few posts I want to write for it, but I did want to write one.  It was magical! Such a wonderful park, that is so pretty!



We loved it. Disney Dreams, Phantom Manor, Thunder Mountain, and so much more!  We fell in love with magnum bars! So much fun!  We really enjoyed our time there.

We were tired our first day as we didn’t have any sleep until we were able to get into our room. We were up for over 36 hours since we flew a red eye.  However, once we caught up on sleep we were able to really enjoy!

yes, their small world  had an "America" section!

yes, their small world had an “America” section!

They have such great unique offerings!  We went thinking we may never return, however, now we want to!  My husband’s favorite ride ended up being Phantom Manor and mine was Thunder Mountain – oddly enough their story lines crossed over so it amused us!

Thunder!!! <3

Thunder!!! ❤

Their roller coasters are wonderful! Super intense, but enjoyable. Their thunder has an underground tunnel.  I can’t wait until we get back there again!

I have over 1000 photos so I am sure I will do a few photo blogs.  I do recommend it for any Disney fan.  I think I left a part of my heart in Paris!

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