Tower of Terror 10-Miler…

23 Dec

Well, long time no see!  It’s been awhile and I have many wonderful items to share! However, I wanted to talk about the 10-Miler that I ran back in October before our amazing trip!


It was my pacing race and it was everything I wanted! It was hot.  Compared to previous years that I ran it, the course was just okay. I don’t remember much besides dreaded Wide World of Sports which I didn’t enjoy much this year either, but I went through it faster so that helped at least!

I finished in 2 hours and 2 minutes!!!! My “dream” time was 2 hours, so I was very pleased to be so close to it! I finished in the top 3rd of all the runners! It was the first time I finished that the volunteers handing out medals weren’t bored yet!

Since that race, my training hasn’t been the best. There was our trip where I walked tons, but never ran.  When I came back, I started up, but then took care of my husband and then I fell off the path. I did reach 15 miles on Thanksgiving. It was tiring but I did it.  I was trying to do 20 this past week, but I felt a muscle tear just after 8 miles. It was painful so I stopped.  I only have 3 weeks before the marathon, so I am not doing another long run.  I want to recover.  I want to rest up.

I want to finish, but I have also accepted I may not, and that is okay. At least I am trying.



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