In sickness and in health… thankfulness…

11 Nov

These past few days have been… tiring? challenging? worry some? My amazing husband, love of my life, my everything was scheduled for wisdom tooth removal. All four of them. Not a huge deal. Yes, his were more challenging than most they said as two were attached to the main nerve in the jaw. However, they could get the one they needed to as it had a cyst. The other one they could do what they needed to make sure it doesn’t damage his mouth in the future.

Not too many worries. We went off on our amazing European Adventure and we had a blast (blogs to come eventually). We come home.

He has the surgery. It was just over an hour. I get called back, they say he is going to be in a lot of pain. They got the one they needed to will send it for biopsy, but it should be fine. They did have to take a bit of gum with it. I’m not normal wisdom teeth surgery has normal amounts of pain. He will be in intense horrible pain, bruising, and need a lot of TLC this weekend.

No worries. I am prepared (although now worried that oral surgeon said this) we have pudding, jello, mashed potatoes, crock pot chicken, ice cream, etc. I get him home, he’s on narcotics as he got the big kid drugs. He’s in a bit of pain, but floating once he wakes up more. No worries. He keeps telling me it hurts to talk yet keeps talking. It’s cute.

I monitor his pills, i make him a honey cheesecake, all because I want to. It’s what marriage is, he would do the same for me. I wish he wasn’t hurting, but I am thankful to have this time with him. Nurturing. Marriage is all about the other person.

Then a clot breaks. Excessive bleeding. The bathroom looks like bates motel. No worries, I clean, I distract my poor worried husband with more video games for his Nintendo 2ds I bought as an early birthday gift. We make it through. He can’t get off the high pain meds, too much pain, I take an extra day off of work to take care of him. We got this. We are a team. 

I get him all set up with his meds the next day, bowls of food, anything he could possible want just to make his day easier as I am due to return to work the next day.  Fast forward to three a.m. on the morning I am heading back to work, I wake up and he wasn’t next to me. I call out after a brief thought of maybe he fell out of bed and is with Bailey? He’s in the bathroom, in pain, he thinks it’s kidney stones. Alright, I get him pain meds, a shake, water, and try to convince him to go to the er. They can help with pain.

It was kidney stones. Thank God we went, he was in so much pain (not in his mouth at least). They give him meds to pass them and recover at home. He will be okay. He will recover. Silver lining is half the drugs they wanted to give him he’s already on. I take another day to make sure he’s okay.

I would much rather our time together be happy, but I am thankful for any time. My husband comes first. He is my everything and I am so thankful I am here to take care of him. It’s what I want to do.


I love you hubby. 🙂


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