Marathon training Update…

15 Sep

So it’s been awhile. I admit it.  I hadn’t posted about running since this post.  Well, here it goes.  Three weeks ago I was doing a six mile run and could barely make it.  My ears had been hurting.  So I decided to rest for a few days.  It didn’t help. The pain worsened.  So fast forward a week and a doctor’s appointment later, I was diagnosed with a severe middle ear infection.


So I rested. Yes, I actually didn’t run. I still did a lot but no runs for me. In over two weeks. At first I panicked, but then I realized its okay.   I had been go-go-going with my I can do it all attitude.  I was starting to hate running because I didn’t feel good.  I realized it’s okay if I need a break.

So I rested until my antibiotics were done and a few days then tested it with a 30 minute run.  It was okay.  My lungs need to readjust, but I didn’t hate it.  So now three weeks later I am going to pick back up total.  I got sick. It happens. It sucked.  It hurt.  However, it slowed me down and I’m okay with that.  I will have one more long training run before my pacing race in two-ish weeks (Tower of Terror 10 miler) and then I will run.  Tonight I ran 4.13 miles and didn’t hate it. My lungs are catching up again.  My goal is to do between 10 and 13.1 miles this weekend and then take it an easy week with shorter runs leading up to my race.

I will complete it and hey, maybe I learned sometimes you just need to listen to your body.  I obviously needed a break from running.

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