vacation decisions…

13 Aug

One of my biggest worries lately has been booking our london hotel.  We have a few requirements:

  1. Near Hyde Park I am going to do a few marathon training runs while I am there.
  2. Nice I am a bit of a nice hotel wanter.  I need clean, nice service, and decent reviews on yelp and
  3. Wifi I want it to be free as I don’t want to pay extra as email will be our main way with communicate with our family.
  4. Not a huge list, but its what we want and more difficult to decide. To me, nice is between three and five stars with reviews on More closer around 4 to be honest, but to find something that doesn’t break our budget is a bit more difficult.

We have two options now that between the two it saves us quite a bit of money. They are similar locations from the park and only .5 difference in reviews. I haven’t figured out the reason why, but I am looking forward to book it and finally have the last piece of the vacation puzzle booked!


Soon we will be off on another adventure! Praying for a safe, enjoyable trip!

2 Responses to “vacation decisions…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland August 15, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I feel the same way about hotels. I hope you find a nice one that you can afford soon too.

    Also, I fell behind, but I thought the Snickerdoodle and Bailey post was so adorable. I’m glad that your “kids” are getting along. 🙂

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