Bailey and Snickerdoodle…

10 Aug

When we adopted Bailey last December, we knew Snickerdoodle and him would get along the quickest.  She has always been our ambassador. When we went to Wisconsin a few years ago, she tried to make friends with my parents cats immediately, and sure enough, Snickerdoodle basically strolled out to meet Bailey with a quick hello and reclaimed all her comfortable spots in the house without him bugging her before too long.


Snickerdoodle making friends with a frog


Bailey cuddling on the futon.

This morning I noticed Bailey had a cat ball in his den. This was bad and good. Good that he takes everything to his den and bad that he had a cat toy, I wouldn’t want him to choke on it.  I quickly got a new tennis ball for him and we played for awhile as I couldn’t find his old one. He was chasing after it, running all around and I hid the cat toy so he wouldn’t miss it.

All of a sudden, Snickerdoodle appears with a tennis ball.  No clue where she got it from, but soon we have two animals playing with two tennis balls. Bailey stops to watch her for awhile, and runs over to sniff her ball and runs off with it. We throw her his new one, and she’s running around with that.  Soon they started playing together as we passed the balls around, taking turns chasing it. Bailey would wait and let Snickerdoodle chase the ball every few times and would just watch her proudly.  Play time only lasted about ten minutes but it was great to see them playing together.



I wonder what they do when we aren’t home.


Our family!

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