Ducks… and other life adventures…

3 Aug

I realized I haven’t posted a blog about just my general life lately. It’s been music, wordless posts, recipes, and the occasional running post.

Sadly, my life can pretty much be defined by that.  I spend most of the rest of my time working, (slowly) trip planning for our European Adventure later this year, working, sleeping, and oh yeah, did I mention playing with my adorable family of pets (and working)?

my boys!

my boys!

Recently, we did visit the Peabody Orlando for a unique experience – some of which included seeing the Peabody ducks.  We managed to arrive right at parade time (Did you know they had their own elevator to bring them down?) and enjoyed watching them march in.  (Although, a small child tried to attack them!)  I feel bad for the ducks as they are kept inside, unable to fly, and have a tiny fountain to swim around on.

Supposedly after 9 months they get to go live out their life on a farm.  Although, when my husband told me that I just pictured the “farm” that every parent tells their child their beloved childhood pet has gone too and that made me super sad.  Maybe this isn’t the best story to be sharing.  However, I am happy I saw them as I was curious and amused by the whole process.

Peabody Ducks!

Peabody Ducks!

We also ate breakfast at the B-Line diner which was amazingly delicious! (I had Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast!) So good!

So yes, my general life isn’t that exciting (besides spending time with my husband which is always amazing) but at least you have an update of some of the more amusing moments lately.

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