48 hours…

21 Jul

So a few weeks ago I saw my husband awake on Saturday… and then I didn’t see him awake again until Monday.  That is over 48 hours of not seeing each other. Yes, you feel each other fall into bed or talk briefly throughout the day to leave notes, but that’s a long time for two people that live in the same house and like each other!

It’s great for our animals as they basically end up with no time along.  However, it can be lonely for us human folk.

Snickerdoodle approves!

Snickerdoodle approves!

However, I know there are people that deal with much worse separation and we are lucky to have any time together.  Anyone who deals with that is so strong in my mind.  Absence gets old after awhile.

(source: click photo)

However, I am thankful that we are a team and can still take care of our house, family, and anything that needs to be done.  No drama just love… how relationships should be! Thankful and grateful!

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