The ability to change…

4 Jul

My apologies in advance as this will more than likely be a rambling thought post.  Recently, I’ve been pondering “good people.”  Basically, what I have been thinking is what makes a person good? Can good people change? Does anyone have the ability to be good?

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Anyone has the ability to change.  Anyone has good in them.  Some of us just find that good a bit faster than others.  Some of us forget that we are good people as we don’t want to deal with the bad, let it effect us and become less good people.  Everyone has the ability to be there someone. Pick someone up when they fall. Read between the lines.  Find what is really bothering a close friend and help them.

You can’t solve the world’s problems, but you may be able to solve a friend’s problems.

Each of us are shaped by past experiences.  They leave memories, baggage, scars, or personality traits with us.  We can only fix so much from our past through talking, therapy, reflection, or whatever helps you move on.  Don’t be afraid to change towards the better.  Never be afraid to help yourself.  Never be afraid to move on.  Just because you move on it doesn’t necessarily diminish your past experiences, it just puts them in perspective for how things are currently in your life.

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Sometimes people leave your life for a reason.  You can’t force people to be good to you or to be a good person in your life.  Some people leave because they were good for awhile, but then they got lost.  Maybe your lives went on different paths.  The really truly good ones will still be there for you… even months or years after not talking.  As truly good people always keep a piece of you in their heart even if you aren’t good.  Some people may consider that weak, but sometimes people are just there for you because you need them and it makes them learn how caring they are.

If you are really lucky, you will find at least one person in your life who 100% gets you. Who you aren’t afraid to show yourself, be yourself, and share your fears.  You aren’t afraid to change as you may change together for the better.  Two good people together can combine to make one extraordinary person.



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Be beautiful.  Be good. Make a good change in your life.  Do what you need to do to improve not on your life, but the world.  As the world revolves around no one and good people realize that.

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