why brighthouse is not my friend…

2 Jul

We recently (within the past week) changed our internet provider and home phone.  (Yes, go ahead and laugh, we have a home phone!)

When we moved into our house, Brighthouse was the only internet provider that was in our neighborhood.  So, even after all the complaints I heard, we signed up.  They  lasted two years.  Here are the multitude of reasons why we are switching:

  1. They wanted my husband to have a permission slip – No joke.  When they came to install, the wires were cut.  They rescheduled for a week later. Our tv provider was here at the same time and installed same day (with rewiring as those wires were cut too!)  When they came back, I couldn’t be here. They called to confirm that I would be there. I had to work, I explained my husband would be.  They had to call me back as they originally told me they would have to reschedule when I was there as I was the account holder.  They finally said they would after I had a signed permission slip for him (even though he is an authorized user on the account)!  When they showed up, they didn’t even glance at it.
  2. When our home phone went out, they told us the only way they could fix it is if we call from that number: Yes, you read that right. When we called from a cell phone (and waited on hold 45 minutes) they told us they needed us to call from the number on the account… the one that isn’t working.  10 hours later our phone line came back. (Oh! Side note: If you ever need service, send them an angry tweet, they respond within minutes normally.)
  3. Our internet speed is never as fast as we pay for: Yes, I understand it’s “up to.”  However, come on, can we get near it… No. Ok.
  4. Our bill went up $10 a year, and they told us it would for the next three years: They claim this was the original contract I signed. Hmm… that’s funny. I have the original paperwork here… It doesn’t mention it.  I’m confused.  They then explained they mailed me a letter.  Nope, never got that either! Then they explained that they can’t lower my rate at all as I am already paying less than most of their customers.  However, my bill will continue to go up $10 a year the next three years.  (So in 3 years I am paying $100 a month for not fast internet and home phone… no thanks!)  They are “sorry” I didn’t know and that the agent didn’t tell me when I signed up for it.  The really wish to keep me as a customer though as they “vaule” me.  However, no they can’t discount it at all. It is somehow my fault that it is going up. (I have friends that pay less than me and have discounts.)

So needless to say, we were unhappy. I signed up for a new provider while on the phone getting a cancellation estimate.  See you never again I hope, brighthouse, you won’t be  missed!

edit: i pre-wrote this when i ordered at&t. as my final goodbye to brighthouse, i uploaded this post on their internet before disconnecting/cancelling.

3 Responses to “why brighthouse is not my friend…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland July 3, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    Never heard of them, but if they continue with this type of dis-service, I’m sure NO ONE else will hear of them ever again. Good riddance to them! I’m glad you have everything settled now.

    • faithtrustnpixiedust July 4, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

      they have a monopoly in some areas of florida. their slogan is hello, friend which drives me crazy as they are awful!

      • Hope at Disneyland July 5, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

        I didn’t realize companies could do that. That sucks. No wonder no one but Verizon customers got service at a recent party we went to that happened to be in a remote area. Maybe they had a monopoly there too. Evil! I’m glad you were able to escape from their evil grasp though. 🙂

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