June Running Recap…

30 Jun

6 months+ and counting down to my first marathon.  I am nervous, excited, and happy that I’ve signed up to do this!  At the end of June I am still happy with my training. I ran the most miles ever training wise in a month – 59 miles. That’s not tons for all you huge runners out there.  However, I am really enjoying my 3 work-outs a week.  My new “norm” is about 4 miles.  My average training plan is 3 work-outs a week with one long run.

Some weeks that long run doesn’t happen.  However, most weeks it is.  I am slowly crossing off training runs for the marathon.  The plan I have is a 16 week one.  However, I am spreading that out over a long time period as I do have a 2 week European vacation right in the middle of it!  Also the plan has 4 runs a week. With my work schedule I am not always able to run 4 runs a week. It just doesn’t work out, so I am making adjustments to make my running plan work for me!

Also, I do have a 10 miler run in October that I need to prepare for so I do want to get a few 10 mile runs under my belt so it doesn’t feel like a “brand new” experience that night.  My goal by the end of July is to get at least one ten mile run down.  It doesn’t have to be fast, but I would like to build my mileage up to 10 miles by the end of June.  This way I have August and September to do a few more 10 milers and get my pace right where I want it – around 12 miles.

Still going into all of this training and races the goal is to have fun and complete is safely.  Of course, my sub goal is running around 12 minute miles for the entire 26.2 miles 6 months from now.  However, the most important thing is being safe and listening to my body and what it needs.

(source: click on photo)

So here’s to the month of July… a bunch of happy, healthy runs! (Or at least runs I accomplish and may not be happy doing them, but love the progress I am seeing!)


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