Yard work, errands, and running…

29 Jun

Yesterday, we had a crazy busy day.  We set our alarm bright an early so we could get out in the Florida heat before it got too hot. Our plan was to mulch all of our flower beds.  However, plans always change a bit which is why we found ourselves trimming the Bougainvillea and planting some new flower beds.

We have lived in our house over two years and have only recently started planting some extra flowers. Yes, we added an hibiscus last year, but many of the yard items have been waiting until we have more money.  We aren’t rolling in it now, but we decided we wanted to add a bit.  We will see if they survive!

Sometimes generically called "hidden lilies" because these tropical herbaceous plants go dormant during the winter dry season.

Sometimes generically called “hidden lilies” because these tropical herbaceous plants go dormant during the winter dry season.

I fell in love with that lily type plant.  We can’t keep any lilies inside the house as they are poisonous to our cats, so hopefully this will get my fix.  It’s called a Curcuma Plant and it should come back yearly so this was a good $4 investment!


Firecracker Flower Orange Marmalade

Another one is that orange guy I found. My husband’s favorite color is orange so I love any excuse to add it anywhere that is tasteful.  I was amused by the flowers, it says its fragrant and easy to care for and should come back yearly. Let’s hope it does!

Another Rose Bush.

Another Rose Bush.

I love bicolor roses and those were some of my favorite roses when I was a floral girl, so I fell in love.  There’s room for one more rose bush in that spot, so I may save a spot for another color next year!  Let’s hope it lives through the winter!

our front flower bed for placement

our front flower bed for placement

We planted a few flowers in January just because well, we could. The thought of planting flowers in January was hilarious to us! A few have lived, so we added around them with some moss roses and purslum.  They won’t live forever, but it will hopefully add a nice little pop of color.

After our three hours of yard work, we went off to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes as it was berry month and I can’t resist berry month! After that, we went on numerous errands, grocery shopping, the library, buying more pet food… all things that we should have done the day before, but I was at work late.

We came home and relaxed for a tiny bit with our crew by cleaning up some other things.  We did finally take the screen door off of our bedroom. We saved it in the garage for future uses either with kid or with introducing another doggie into the house.

Then my husband wanted a nap, I wanted a run! He road a bike with me as I did a 4.3 mile loop in about 52 minutes. Three of my four miles were VERY consistent pace wise (an 11:43, 11:42, and 11:53).  The other one was 12:18 which I took. My fastest mile was at the end, which is what I am starting to prepare myself for race wise. I want to start out slow and finish strong when I run my first 26.2.

All and all a fun busy day!


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