Sleepiness and Motivation…

16 Jun

Today was one of those days that you never really feel like you are awake. I knew I was tired when I woke up with that funky feeling, but I didn’t expect for it to last all day. I slowly made my way through getting ready for work and made coffee to wake me up. 

However, 10 hours later I was still just as tired as the morning. I felt like I would never wake up today. I was dragging yet productive so at least that’s something. 

I came home hungry and had a snack after work which I hardly ever do. Then I slowly debated my run. Outside or Inside? It just rained, but now its breezy, what if it rains again? I knew I was delaying myself. Finally after delaying myself with playing and petting Bailey and the kittens, I changed to go running.


I had decided to run on the treadmill as it was looking dark. However, after a last minute debate with my husband, I decided to run outside. With how unmotivated I was I knew I would be dragging on the treadmill. I enjoy my runs, I do. Treadmill or outside, it normally doesn’t matter. Today, I just wanted a nap. 

I grabbed my ipod, but it was dead. Oh well, I didn’t want to run with music anyway, right? So off I went. No ipod, dark clouds surrounding, and me half asleep.


I started running and I started off a bit fast. Normally I try and keep my pacing, today, I wanted to get home before the rain. I did my first mile in 10 minutes and 50 seconds which is fast for me!  Then I started to slow a bit. There goes one mile down, and the clouds were still circling. 

The second mile was just as easy, but at a 12 minute pace. My goal had been to do between four and six miles today. I would have been happy with anywhere between or even a 5k.  It started to get super cloudy, breezy, and coolish right after mile 2. I looked at the radar and decided to pick up the pace for mile 3 and head home.

I finished my 5k in about 35 minutes (fastest yet for me!) and then looked at the radar again. It wasn’t getting any worse and the clouds didn’t appear to be moving much. (Side note: remember when you were a kid and it was so easy to tell which way the clouds were moving? or was that just me? It is so difficult now!)


So I decided to stay out. I was staying in the subdivisions closest to mine so I could race the weather home if I had to.  Mile 4 was easy enough, back to my more regular pace.  I passed a man walking his dog who told me I was really motivated. It was odd although I think he meant it at a compliment.

The clouds had disappeared from my immediate area although I could still see them, so I decided to take the longer way home towards my family. Mile 5 was when I ran into an odd man. (I always run into someone strange!) I picked up the pace a bit to get farther away, but then was met with knee pain in my bad knee right after mile 5.


I slowed a bit for my last mile even more. I was happy the pain came in after 5 miles. That is some improvement. I must be gaining some strength! I meandered the rest of my way home and ended with 6.1 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes.

I was immediately greeted by all of the wonderful animals that I posted pictures of! I love our family so much!  I felt good. I finally was awake and I felt accomplished.  Considering I had no motivation, I was happy that the rhythm of my run took over and I enjoyed myself.

Although, I did make dinner and then curl up for the rest of the night. Oh well, you win some you lose some, right?

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