Marathon Training…

26 May

Now that I am officially signed up for the 2014 full Walt Disney World Marathon, I am coming up with a training plan.  I found one at runkeeper that I like and I have it set to finish right at marathon day.  It has mostly 4 mile runs with a long run each week.

However, we are going on a France and England adventure that will be two weeks!  I don’t want to spend my trip running four times a week. I know it’s important.  However, I really am going to make an effort.  Our hotel in France has a gym. We don’t have a hotel booked in England yet, but the one we have our eye on doesn’t have a gym.  We will be right by Hyde park.  Yes it will be October, but I feel I could do at least one run outside.  The route around the park is 5.2 miles.


I plan on doing a long run the day before we leave (or day of) and then the one the day we get back.  That would take my workouts down to 2 a week for those two weeks. However, we will be doing a lot of Musuems and walking in london so I am not too worried about it.  It’s also 2 months before the marathon so I can always play catch-up.


There’s a Peter Pan statue!

I have already upped my miles to 4 miles most runs as that’s the norm for the training plan and I want to get a bit ahead as I have the 10-miler for my pace race right before I go in October.

On May 24, I did a 6.34 mile run in 82 minutes.  It’s about a 13 minute mile average overall.  I did 2.34 outside but it went up 10 degrees in 30 minutes so I came in and did 4 miles on our treadmill. It was tough, but I did it! I was super proud of myself for sticking with it!


I am being careful not to over do it though!  My knees are hurting a tiny bit so I am going to see how I feel before my next run.  I will take tomorrow as a rest day and see how I am on the day after.  I have eight months to prepare. I don’t need to be nervous about it.  My main goal is to finish! That’s all I can ask.

2 Responses to “Marathon Training…”

  1. Amalia May 26, 2013 at 9:36 pm #

    You are really prepared! You’re going to do amazing!! My advice is don’t stress. You have plenty of time, and overdoing it leads to injury (just trust me, I had to miss my first half at WDW because of this and other factors).

    I found your blog at runchat tonight! Looking forward to connecting more – and good luck!

    • faithtrustnpixiedust May 26, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

      thanks! it was my first runchat and i loved it! i am just trying to find the balance between my life/fun and my goals to run now!

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