love thy hardware store…

17 May

Today we did a lot of errands! We needed a few things from Home Depot or lowes!  Since we bought our house I haven’t minded stopping as much and even have a Home Depot credit card.  It’s probably the most I’ve ever been in one in my life and I don’t normally mind it.

One of our errands was to get more propane for our grill.  We went to use it a few months ago and it didn’t work so we thought our tank was empty.  We got to the place to fill it and the woman filling it said it wasn’t entirely empty.  Hmm. Red flag.

We got back to our house and the grill didn’t work.  We suddenly discovered a hole in the hose.  No biggie buy a replacement.  Except they don’t make that model anymore. Back to Home Depot we go to try and find something that works. Except nothing fits once we get home.

My husband has been looking forward to grilling this entire week.  So I did what any other loving wife would do… found a sale for one at that was available in the store by our house.  Nicer than one at home depot.  Done! I wasn’t planning on one, but life is about adjustments!

all set up! our new grill!

all set up! our new grill!

I had hit my limit for home improvement stores for the day so I sent my husband off with the blessing to buy one. He checked it out and felt it would work (and he liked it!) Took one that was preassembled and we got to grill tonight!

Sometimes in marriage you just do what makes the other happy. I am glad I found a deal I can make work into our budget and see him smile! (The delicious food helps too!)


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