14 May

It’s been on my mind a lot lately about how many choices I made when I was younger and how they have influenced my life now.  By choosing to go to college out of state, I would always be farther away from my family.

It makes you more thankful for the moments you have. The little things don’t matter as much, but yet they do matter so much more.  It’s not morbid, but you never know when the last time you see someone will be.  You hold on to memories and thoughts tighter. You will never be as close.

However, it gives you a great sense of independence. You create your own family. I am so lucky to have my husband and my fur family to give me a sense of home and belonging. We hold on to each other a bit tighter as in so many ways, it needs to be a lot stronger bond.

So many people make a decision to move away and to start their life – their adventure.  Its scary.  However, it’s worth it.  You will discover strengths you will never know you had.  You will find a new sense of belonging. There may be sadness and hesitation, but it’s one of the greatest adventures of your life. Take care in your memories, and know that the sadness won’t always be there. Yes, you may miss some happy moments… and some sad ones at “home.”  However, the rewards that you will reap are so great.

Here’s an awesome site that will help you jump!

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