Experimental Cooking: Pineapple rice…

13 May

So we have been on a rice kick lately and I was trying to come up something creative with our rice for a dinner with steak and corn. I love anything pineapple lately. I looked for recipes online and found a bunch for things I didn’t have in the house. So I improvised…

What you need:
– rice
– pineapple
– pineapple juice
– soy sauce

Follow the instructions on your rice box. We used 5 minute rice where we needed 1 cup liquid and 1 cup rice. I am not putting amounts as it depends how much you are making. Instead of using water like the box said, I used the juice from canned pineapple where it equaled almost 1 cup. I then filled the rest of that cup with soy sauce (probably about 1/8 cup if you are doing save as me so 7/8 pineapple juice and 1/8 soy sauce).

I brought the soy sauce and pineapple juice to a boil, added in half a cup of muddled chopped pineapple and then the rice.

I covered it and took it off the heat for 5 minutes or until the moisture was absorbed.

The result was an AMAZINGLY delicious flavorful rice. I feel this will work with any fruit juice for canned fruit… I feel peach rice is in my future!

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