25 Apr

So we are planning for a BIG vacation later this year. Kinda a last HUGE nice, not too shabby vacation.. why? Well, like most other adults we’ve decided we want to have kids… eventually.  One of our conditions was one last really nice trip before we settle down and not go jetting off to Europe or Hawaii or Australia or Asia (next trip in like 5-10 years hopefully).

The other condition is finishing replacing what we want to on our house.  In the two years we have been here we have done a lot.  We just have windows, flooring, the rest of our furniture, and a water heater left.  Not too much at all.

So tonight we sat down and looked at our budget as I was going over our bills for the next month. Suddenly I realized we were almost short on money.  I thought it was going to be easy this month.  However, I realized we fell into the pitfall that SO many other people do.  Our bills have become a LOT less recently.  We paid off a car, we paid off many of our previous fix-up-the-house bills, we are eating less food due to less people living in the house, and what did we do with that money? We started going out more.  That was a huge fail right there.

fitting the pieces together!

Well, we figured out the pieces of the money puzzle now we just need to fit them back together.  It shouldn’t be too hard. We are used to spending a lot less. I have been feeling we’ve been spending extra lately (a new this… a new that), so it won’t be hard, the hardest part will be to go to the extreme.

Our airfare is paid. No worries there.  We just need to save up for our hotel and food.  If we cut our spending in half on all the extras (and that’s not even talking any bills we have) we will save enough to EASILY cover our hotel and have extra spending money for the trip.

Pretty simple, right?  We just need to get back on the motivated train heading towards our amazing vacation!  It’s pretty easy to save normally when you have an amazing husband and pet family to hang out with on weekends.  For this trip and like so many other things in my life I am blessed, and I am thankful for that.  So I won’t feel sad for myself pinching even more pennies here and there so we can accomplish our dreams.

We will end up here! Following our Dreams!



One Response to “budgeting…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland April 26, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

    You can do it!

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