31 Mar

So in continuation of our vacation, I wanted to share… Disneyland. it restores our magic meters, provides quality time, and is a great escape! What more can we ask for than World of Color almost every night! We saw Carsland, some amazing friends, met some new ones and had a blast!

disneyland 2013 541

one of my favorite rides – Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train! Soooo Candy Corn!!!

We always have our old favorites, but we love seeing the new additions!

disneyland 2013 329

get your kicks on route 66!

disneyland 2013 341

World of Color!

disneyland 2013 373

Wish we were back there sometimes!

disneyland 2013 437

Trader Sam’s!

One of our recent must-do stops is Trader Sam’s! So delicious as we discovered the bbq pork flatbread and the sweet potato fries! It is one of our favorite places to stop and we even discovered it is open for lunch! It will definitely be one of our must-dos next trip as well!

disneyland 2013 479

Instant Concert… just add water!… and goofy!

This trip we did a few of the shows or things we don’t always hit. We didn’t have a schedule most days except for the occasional reservation and a few must-do rides each day, so we checked out the shows.  We saw Minnie’s fly girls and the Instant Concerts! Both of them impressed us as they were the right amount of cheesy and full of magic!

Can’t wait to see you again next time, Disneyland!  This fall, god willing, we will be visiting another Disneyland… Disneyland Paris! Time to start vacation planning again!


2 Responses to “Disneyland…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland April 1, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

    Disneyland Paris!! So lucky! I’m glad you had a fun time on this trip. I still haven’t seen the Goofy show or a proper WOC viewing. I think I gave up on the latter, but I’m glad you guys enjoyed it.

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