19 Mar

Another totally awesome event that happened during our recent visit to Disneyland was the chance to visit the 1901 lounge inside DCA.

more history!

more history!

We were able to visit thanks to some very wonderful friends that met us there!  It is the sister option to Club 33 at Disneyland.  It holds a full service bar, some amazing drink options, charging stations for phones, and some Disney history!

9 old men

9 old men

We spent a bunch of our time enjoying the company of our friends.  However, the soon told us to go play tourist and take tons of photos inside!  So we took photo after photo enjoying ourselves and filling up with more Disney history!

pim's punch

pim’s punch

It’s a nice relaxing area and if we ever end up being Club 33 members, we will definitely visit here a lot!

they had Walt and Lilly chairs too!

they had Walt and Lilly chairs too!

It is another check off of our Disney bucket-list thanks to a pink bunny!




One Response to “1901…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland March 19, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    That is awesome! I hope I get to peek my head in there one day too. It didn’t look crowded at all so I’m sure it was extra fun to soak it all in and enjoy the company of your friends.

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