Walt Disney Family Museum…

17 Mar

Our main reason to go to San Francisco was to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum.  We had wanted to visit since it opened.  Due to our early wake-up we arrived right before it opened.  It was a bit difficult to find, but on weekends there is free parking out front.  We went on a Saturday, so we were in luck! Otherwise, there are pay metered parking spots in the street.

outside of museum

outside of museum

We waited for the doors to open and went in to pay.  The were housing a special exhibit on Snow White in their back building which we decided to pay to attend.  For both the main museum and then the special exhibit it was $50 for the two of us.  You get an assigned time to go through the back building as it is smaller. Since we were there so early, they recommended we start there and then come back to the main building! So off we went.

cel art

cel art

We walked in and were told we were allowed to take photos without flash. Apparently this policy changed two weeks ago! It was neat to be surrounded by so much history, but we were saddened that there is nothing more for the Snow White exhibit. Although, we know Disney had to reuse art items and save.  So there isn’t a lot of real history items.  We were a bit let down by the exhibit, but it was very well put together and brought up some amusing points even if they do not have a lot of artifacts.

dwarf names

dwarf names

It had some great old footage of the actors acting out scenes for the animators to get the movements just right!


After we went through the back building, we headed back to the main building to start heading through. I went a bit crazy taking photos and ended up killing my camera battery.  However, I had my phone!  It started with his early life and some about all of his siblings.

It was very well documented with donations from his family, animator’s family, or personal items. It then moved on to the Alice comedies, his time making print ads, and leading up to his time planning Disneyland.

disneyland 2013 126

We slowly wandered our way through taking it in to explore the interactive areas.  There were media clips covering all parts of his life. The animated films, private moments with his family, and everything in between.

there is a phone next to these areas to listen to the audiot clips

there is a phone next to these areas to listen to the audiot clips

Some of the great things to see were all the products that were made since Mickey started.  There were walls and walls and cases of merchandise, artifacts and statues.  It really covered it all.


mickey tricycle

We stopped to eat lunch at the little cafe and browsed the gift shop midway through to start debating. There is definitely enough to see and learn to take up a lot of your day. It took us about 5 hours total to visit everything we wanted to.  We did skip over reading some of the descriptions though.

peter pan statues!

peter pan statues!

actual belongings from the Disneyland apartment donated by lilly.

actual belongings from the Disneyland apartment donated by Lilly.


some of the commentary describing Disneyland on TV. These were all over the museum with quotes from Walt and family.

some of the commentary describing Disneyland on TV. These were all over the museum with quotes from Walt and family.


We felt it was worth our time and money and were happy to have seen it as we always wondered if it would be worth it living the Disney-filled lifestyle that we do!

view of bridge from the back of the museum

view of bridge from the back of the museum

It is two floors, but endless amounts of items, photos, and history.  You can tell it was lovingly done by his family due to the amount of personal artifacts – from the hat he had bronzed into a heart for Lilly to the paintings in their living room to the autographs he made ahead of time to give to children in Disneyland as he walked.

model - Walt's dream Disneyland

model – Walt’s dream Disneyland

It made us proud to see the history and care. As much as you hear how busy he was, so much time was family time.

carolwood pacific that went through Walt's backyard

carolwood pacific that went through Walt’s backyard

The museum ends with his plans for the Florida project and then a room filled with tributes that were printed for Walt and his legacy on the world. It was touching and heart-felt.

disneyland 2013 181So bottom line – it’s worth it.  If you are a fan at all, go! It is worth the trip and the money.  You may even learn a thing or two.


2 Responses to “Walt Disney Family Museum…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland March 18, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    It seemed that some of the stuff you saw in that separate Snow White exhibit was stuff already seen on the DVD’s bonus feature. The rest of the museum sounds cool though and now that the photography ban has lifted, I’m even more excited to make a trip up there!

    • faithtrustnpixiedust March 18, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

      as long as you don’t use a flash you can take photos! you guys should make a weekend trip of it! 🙂

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