Sneak Vacation Peak: Golden Gate Bridge and Walt Disney Family Museum!

2 Mar

Yesterday my amazing hubby and I went off to celebrate 4 years of marriage on a great California 2013 adventure! Four years ago we celebrated our honeymoon at Disneyland and we are heading back again! (I am actually typing this on my cell phone as Ryan drives us the six hours from San Francisco to Anaheim!

Since we arrived yesterday afternoon (after the sadness of leaving our family, but happy they are in the excellent care of their Grandma) we have driven up highway 1, tried in and out burger, played tourist around San Francisco, visited the Golden Gate bridge and the Walt Disney Family Museum! Phew, I am tired! Although we have the next week to relax at Disneyland.


While we are driving I just wanted to post a few photos and a quick blog in hopes it will remind me to create blogs about all of this when we get home!


I really enjoyed our time in San Francisco, but am excited to have a much more relaxed pace the next few days!




Just a slight tidbit that the Walt Disney Family museum should totally be on any slight Disney fan’s bucket list!


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