Bailey’s Story… A rescue doggie…

15 Feb

Our family has recently grown by four paws!  My amazing husband has been wanting a dog for the last few months.  He had never had his own dog before and was anxious to get one!  I grew up around all sorts of dogs and cats.  I was casually looking and fell in love with a dog named Bailey.

I saw him on Facebook through the 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Florida Everglades. I was wondering if our schedules could fit a puppy into it, when some  changes came and I knew we would be able to handle it.  We scheduled a meet & greet for a month away, and waited to go meet Bailey.

BaileyBailey has now been part of our lives for three months!  He has been a delight, a pleasure and a joy. Adopting a rescue dog was not something I had ever experienced before.  Yes, I have had dogs, but no one like Bailey.


Adjusting him to our cats, to our family and seeing the world through his eyes is amazing! Yes, it was hard work, and three months later, we are still getting the cats and him to love each other.

I don’t think he had ever seen the sky at night as still to this day at night, he gazes up at the stars in wonder and amazement.  The pure joy on his face.  How happy he is to have his own toys.  How possessive he is of them at times, but still shares with us to play with him!

It has been work, but the love in his eyes. So many things are new to him.  He has come a long way since the first night we brought him home and it took 45 minutes for us to get him out of the car. He climbed into the drivers seat and refused to move. It took a big bowl of food, and soon he was exploring his new home.


Snickers and Bailey became fast friends.


the other two are still warming up! Bailey loves to sniff them!

It took about a month hor the worried eyes to go away and him to just accept us and be happy.  I hope the worries are gone and he realizes he his home with his mom, dad, brothers, and sisters, even if they are cats! 317094_638000515449_1175174876_n

Adopting a rescue was so worth it for us.  We know we gave this amazing dog who once lived on the streets and had a broken hip a chance at an amazing life.

Yes it took some changes on our part.  We now have a screen door installed on our bedroom door so Bailey can see us while we sleep at night as the cats still are adapting.  We stay home more.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that we love unconditionally thru his messes in the house, the bit of chewing he did out of his nerves.  However, seeing the excited butt wiggle when we come home or his face looking out the door from his bench makes ever harder moment worth it!



love me forever!

Since we have Bailey we have become much more aware of rescues.  We watch his recuse page as we would be willing to save another life.  No telling when we may fall in love again.

His rescue is always accepting donations. They give animals that would be put down in a shelter a chance at life. Donate today!

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