20 Nov

This past week my husband and I ended up with six days away from work!  Our original plan was to travel.  However, things didn’t work out.  So we stayed around home.  We celebrated my husband’s birthday in style at Melting Pot, visited legoland and just enjoyed time together!

With some birthday  git cards, he bought us a new shower head for our bathroom, a palm tree branch cutter, and some other things for our home! I was super thankful as its little things that keep adding up to make our house more amazing!

Today, I cooked the turkey and ham for his thanksgiving potluck at work!  And I didn’t burn them like I did last year for our turkey! We will see if the results repeat themselves this Thursday for our little family celebration!

Last night we ended up going on a date night!  I bought a groupon for Winter in the Park in Winter Park, FL for some ice skating fun!  It was amusing.  The only other time I had been ice skating, it was for a birthday party when I was much younger.  It didn’t end well.  This time ended much better! I really did well! It was a fun seasonal date!

I’ve enjoyed this time to relax, unwind, and hopefully get rested up for all the Christmas shopping, long work hours, and craziness that is heading my way!


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