A bricktastic birthday…

19 Nov

This past week was my husband’s birthday.  For those that don’t know my husband, he loves legos.  Loves as in fact we can’t store any of his legos in the garage for fear they may melt.  (He has a lot of legos!)

Legoland Florida opened last year.  We’ve been wanting to go.  We toyed with getting APs for awhile, but then decided the best course of action would be to try it out a day and then decide.  It’s about an hour away from us and with our busy work schedules, we don’t always have a lot of time to do things together.  This week we are taking a bit of a staycation since our plans to go somewhere did not work out and we still wanted the time off.  I bought us our tickets and we went to celebrate his birthday brick style at Legoland!

Yes, they have birthday buttons!

The park was open from 10am to 5pm on the day we went.  Our goal was to get there at park opening. We ended up there at about 10:20.  Not bad! Since I had bought our tickets online, we could go right to the turnstiles! As we were entering, I noticed that they had birthday buttons sitting on the turnstiles, so I made the comment of “Let’s Go, Birthday boy!” which of course led the Model Citizen (what they call their employees) to give him a button and wish him a happy birthday.

The park is geared towards kids ages 2-12.  Well, we are obviously a BIT older than that, but we still had a great day!  Our first plan of action to hit all their coasters so my husband, who also loves roller coasters, could ride a few new ones!  A lot of them are the same ones that were there when Cypress Gardens was the park.  However, they are just a bit re-themed.  On our way to our first coaster, I made him stop and meet a lego friend…


I definitely think he was the oldest person celebrating a birthday which entertained their staff.  I will say, they had a LOT of friendly “Model Citizens” around.  I was surprised on how many “Happy Birthdays” he got.  The park wasn’t also very busy, which worked to our advantage, and the advantage of wishing him a happy birthday I feel!

There were also TONS of school children at the entrance. We were a bit worried it would be overrun with kids, but it wasn’t! It seemed they kept them doing projects in one area of the park most of the day, so they didn’t bug the other guests! They started to appear more out in the parks by about 3pm, but it definitely did not take away from our day!

made of of legos!

We road the coasters and their dark ride.  We walked around and tried the Apple Fries (Delicious!)  It was a good day.  The park is gorgeous thanks to it being on the old grounds of Cypress Gardens.  We really loved that portion of it.  It made us wish that we had BEEN to the Cypress Gardens before it closed just to see how they were.  However, I still got some great shots of us! (Most of them are self portraits!)

Cypress Gardens area

like this self portrait thanks to a bench!

We enjoyed our time together exploring some place new.  Some of the rides we couldn’t ride as we were too big, but we definitely decided to bring our future children back some day as there are some things I can’t wait for them to experience! (Or ride with them!)


Loved this Paint guy!

It’s amazing to see what they can do out of legos. My husband of course knew all about it, but we loved the attention to details on the mini-towns and just that went into all of the areas.  They even had lego statues or posters in some of the bathrooms.  You could tell a lot of care and attention went into the park.

they even made noise!

Will we go back? Yes! Definitely! It was great to see, we kept saying how great of a little park it was.  We loved the grounds, the friendly staff, and trying something new.  We probably won’t get APs right now just because we don’t have a 2-12 year old, but it’s definitely something we can look into when we have kids.  Although, I would recommend it to ANYONE to go see. You’d be surprised how much fun it could be! Even for a day, and it definitely made my husband have one bricktastic of a birthday!

one of the minitowns!



2 Responses to “A bricktastic birthday…”

  1. Hope at Disneyland November 19, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Legoland looks really cute. I’ve never been to the one out here because I assumed all the rides would be for smaller parkgoers. I love the dip shot you took. That whole garden area is so picturesque. I bet it would be a great background for an engagement session or even an anniversary shoot. It’s also really cool to see what they can make out of Legos. I’m glad you guys had a great time and a bricktastic birthday for your boy. 😀

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