13 Aug

So I’ve been doing a lot of thought lately about my future life goals, where I am now, and then some of where my friends are.  Those thoughts all led me to the word “normal.”

Which led me on another train of thought… there is no “normal.”  (Any my coworkers will excuse my use of quotes. )  Each person has their own sense of “normal” – there is no universal sense.

My life of aspiring to be happy, working a job that gives me plenty of time to see my husband, and spend time with family – that’s my normal.  Someone else may have the normal of going out and striving to be career wise successful.  Yes I want to be successful, but I already am in my happiness and that’s the most important to me.

People work all outrageous hours.  Some people work late,  some work early.  Some make work a priority, others make family.  However, no matter what you do, your happiness is the most important thing.  If you aren’t happy – change it! Take that step.  Figure out the seed to your unhappiness.  The “normal” you have may need to adjust, but you will find a new normal.

And remember, true friends will understand and embrace any changes to your normal, so don’t sweat it. The people that are meant to be always will.


2 Responses to ““normal”…”

  1. millionaireangel September 7, 2012 at 6:15 am #

    Thats exactly where i am now….sorting my priorities and setting new goals….the main goal being bring enjoyment into my life.thanks for post.MA.x

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