Summer Plans…

4 Jun

Even though the husband and I don’t get summer vacation anymore, we do have some exciting things planned for this summer!  We have some vacation coming up in about three weeks.  Then after that we have another week off! All sorts of excitement coming up.

Granted, I am going to Wisconsin for a few days one of those weekends.  However, we have some time off together beforehand that we are going to make the best of!  Here are some possible plans…

Husband really wants to go!

Legoland Florida – It’s only 45 minutes away and my husband collects legos.  So, I realized on our upcoming days off together we should trek out there to go see it! I’m looking for deals on tickets and I’m sure closer to it, I will do some research, but it’s a definite plan for us this month!

Cocoa Beach – We normally attempt to go to the Beach a few times every summer.  Some of my husband’s family comes down too each year, so we are going to get a hotel near them for a few days since we normally just drive out for the day!  I’m looking forward to some beach time and just being able to relax some.  It will probably  remind us of our Hawaiian vacation, so I am definitely looking forward to this!

Visiting the Parks – Yes we do spend a lot of our time there.  However, I know we will be spending sometime visiting the Theme Parks and the Resorts this summer!  We have dinner reservations at ‘Ohana for my Mom’s birthday.  My husband wants to play more Sorcerer’s.  We will definitely be visiting a few times when it’s not too hot or too crowded.

Saving Money – Yup. We have major plans for our little home! We’ve now decided to replace the floors before we buy more furniture.  We also are paying off my husband’s car.  So, we will be working a lot in between our vacations and attempting to save up money for all of the projects we want.  We also just have so many random things we want to buy for the house, and of course you need money to do it all!

Does anyone else have fun summer plans?

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