Hot days and hurtful toes…

4 Jun

My husband and I have been busy the last week!  We were getting a happy somewhat last-minute surprise visit by my Mom.  We had an amazing time hanging out with her this last few days.

We ended up seeing more of her as we thought as we returned home and late one night our air conditioner died.  The next day once they came to look at it, and said they had to order a fan motor in, we ended up moving to stay with my Mom! We definitely had to get out of the house as it got up to be 90 inside! That is not good for the three cats that live here! The poor cookies were sweating.  As soon as we knew it wouldn’t get fixed the one day, we drove them over!

It was an amusing experience as we replaced our air conditioner last month so this WOULDN’T happen.  Oh well, I understand irony.  We got to see my Mom more and everyone was safe and happy. Those are the important things!

While I was there I ended up putting a chair down on top of my toe and sitting on it. (Yes, I know I am a klutz!)  I heard a crack.  It’s still healing a few days later.  I don’t think it is broken though as I can bend it. It is just extremely painful.

I ended up running this morning now that we are moved back home in our now cool-again house!  I only did a mile instead of two and I walked the other one.  It doesn’t hurt to walk anymore.  However, the first two days was super painful.

In other ramblings as this is what this blog ended up being, the new Beach Boys CD comes out tomorrow! You should all go buy it!


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