Cinderella sorta life…

28 May

Let me preface this by saying I’ve had a little over three hours of sleep. Not for lack of trying.  Random things just kept waking me up and eventually I just stayed up and watched television for a bit.  Just want to warn y’all about what type of post you are getting.

It started to rain this morning and that’s when I finally fell into a decent sleep.  I woke up about an hour later and decided I was awake enough to start my day.  I dragged my butt into some work-out clothes and ate breakfast.  I let myself veg for awhile after breakfast and then I had the great debate of where to run.  We are getting the outer bands of the tropical storm.  However, I didn’t really feel like running on the treadmill.  A quick check of The Weather Channel App on my phone and I decided to chance it.

So off I went.  It was humid.  It was hot.  It was kinda gross.  I was getting tired and I saw dark clouds coming towards me so I decided to head home.  However, I am still learning my way through our neighborhood after a year and I wasn’t sure how much farther I was heading until I was back out onto the main road back to my house.  I got rained on a bit.  Just a drizzle, but that caused me to pick up the pace a bit and find that access to the main road.  I made it.  Besides that quick drizzle that felt amazing! I managed to get in about my thirty minute work-out.  It was over two miles so I was happy.

Came back inside, sat down on the floor, and I had kittens all over me!  I was resting and just catching my breath as it was humid out there!  I don’t normally walk in the door and sit on the floor, so our three came to investigate.  It was a fun little moment that made me realize how much I love them.

Apparently my shoe smells good from being outside!

It’s Monday which is my cleaning day as tomorrow is a day off together with my husband and then Wednesday is his cleaning day.  However,  I was under strict instructions to relax as he knew how long I was up last night.  Also, I did some cleaning after work this week which we normally don’t do. That being said, we have to do litter boxes every Monday as then we are all set for trash day Tuesday.   However, my one arm is bugging me, so I decided to leave those for my husband for tonight.  I decided to vacuum as this way I could clean the filters on the vacuum after I used it (we love our Dyson animal vacuum!)  Vacuumed and then decided to mop the floors.  However, the very first stroke of the mop… it breaks.

Sing sweet Nightingale!

Yup, that happened.  I decided to play Cinderella and do it by hand.  It needed to get done, I already had a bucket of water, why not?  Cinderella did it!  About forty minutes into it (since we have a lot of tile and hardwood) I realized that Cinderella probably didn’t do this anymore once she met her prince at the end of the movie.  I doubt in her castle she’s on her hands and knees cleaning the palace floors?  It wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve had today.  I am glad I did it though.  I managed to get the base boards and the corners really good.  It definitely had its disgusting moments though.

After all of that cleaning, I jumped in the shower to get myself clean!  I just finished lunch and now I am planning on crawling back into bed and relaxing for the rest of the day… or at least until my husband comes home!

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