back in the saddle and adult decisions…

26 May

Well, here I go again, starting my running habits! As far as the last two weeks go, I’ve managed to get in three work-outs a week.  That makes me happy.  It’s been an effort here and there, but I am starting to run again!  It seems that whenever I blog about it, I tend to stop.  I am going to see where this ends up though.  At least I am attempting again!


In other news, my husband and I have been talking about going to see the Beach Boys in Wisconsin end of June and a quick trip to see my family.  I got the time off from work as long as I stay where I am, he was not able to get the time off.  So, we discussed it for awhile.  I don’t want to be without him.  Some people may find that really immature, but we LIKE spending time together.  We believe we have the rest of our very long lives for that, but that doesn’t even seem like enough.  It led to a series of discussions like “just because we do this once, doesn’t mean its an acceptable thing” or “I feel bad I want to go without you.”  However, in the end, my husband understands.  I didn’t think my Dad would go without me.  I would like to have those memories.  So we discussed it and I am going for 48 hours.  Yup, I leave the day before the concert and leave the morning after.  I don’t really have much more time off work nor do we want to be apart from each other much longer.  However, it’s booked. Tickets are bought! I will be in Wisconsin for about 48 hours end of June.  Scary! My husband will be here with the kittens. I know I am going to miss him so much! I just have to get over my flying anxiety alone.  However, we are both happy with the decision we made together.

This was cuter than any human “together” photos. 🙂



One Response to “back in the saddle and adult decisions…”

  1. Hope May 26, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    You get to see the Beach Boys in concert twice? NO FAIR! 🙂

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